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Why Lewes New School? 

This is a school where people matter.

Our human-centred ethos puts the needs, interests and potential of each individual right at the heart of school life.

Founded by forward-thinking parents and educators in 2000, the school – while small in size – has grown in reputation and ambition to provide a real alternative to mainstream education.

Lewes New School is different because we trust children to learn. We aim to cultivate each child’s curiosity and inspire their imagination, not to constrain their thinking or creativity within the limits of an imposed curriculum.

Relationships are key. Our staff are willing to give a little more of themselves than you might expect, building real rapport with the children in their care.

Parents are true partners in their child’s education, integral members of a dynamic learning community and champions of the Lewes New School spirit.

Our approach is innovative but our school has a homely feel that reflects the warmth of our community and eases the transition between school and family life.

We hope you’ll visit the school and see the difference.

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