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10th February 2017

***Happy half-term everyone! Back to school on Monday 20th February***

Whole School Meeting 20th February 2017, 6.30pm – 9pm

In the evening of our first day back after half term, we adults will come together for the second of our Whole School Meetings of this year.

Those of you who attended the last meeting will remember that these meetings are designed to follow a particular flow. The first was to set our intention, and refresh our vision as a school and a learning community. The second, this coming meeting, is a call for action and engagement in the key issues facing the school at this time.

In these politically tumultuous times we are growing more passionate about the importance of our work. It is vital that the school continues to exist for our children and for our children’s children too.

At the meeting parents, staff, governors and trustees will explore together the different options for sharing the cost of running the school so that we can ensure accessibility and fairness while providing the income and support the school needs to flourish and grow. We will be sharing progress on marketing the school so far and inviting your participation on taking this essential work further. There will also be an important consultation on fee structures.

We will be meeting in the hall from 6.30pm for refreshments and mingling, with focused conversation starting from 7pm. Following the meeting, we will be putting together a survey, so those who cannot make it will have an opportunity to share their views and those that have joined the discussion will have the time to reflect. We very much hope you can join us. The Whole School Meeting Team (Sarah, Linda, Una, Sophia, Lydia and Rachel!)

Goodbye! We’re saying a fond farewell to Bay and her family this week. They will be much missed. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Half-Term Sports Adventure Day: Final reminder, we have just a few places remaining. Wednesday 15 February at LNS 9.30-4.30 mix of 5 different sports all day £20 per child, all profits to help fund school sports equipment. To register contact Mark (Edgar Y3 perryman@mac1.net or 07957 416257

Thunder’s Kitchen Garden: You all know I enjoy cooking but I’m thinking I might enjoy a bit of gardening too – especially if we can cook what we grow! I’ll be making a start on the veg beds in the playground after half term on Wednesday afternoons after school. I’m hoping some of you parents and kids might like to help? We can swap seeds, bring in spare plants from home and get something sorted! What do you think?! Also if anyone has any ideas for school lunches that they’d like to put forward I am always keen to hear. Jack Jack-thunder@hotmail.com

Guitar vacancy: Hi there! I have a space for a new guitar student at LNS. My approach encourages students to feel enthusiastic about playing, while gaining the skills and techniques they need to play the guitar. If your child would like to try please get in touch. Jaime jaimearegan@gmail.com


Later Years: It’s been a week of reviewing our maths topics of shape and angles, developing writing styles with peer review for spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as working towards portfolio entries and project work. Basketball tied into our mathematical thinking this week as well, working on angles for taking shots as well as working on the shape of teams within the shape of the court for defence and attack strategies.

Thank you for your support at the PATINA and parents cafe. As you are no doubt aware we are looking to raise enough money to get professional artists in to support our entry into the Moving On Parade that all local Y6 pupils participate in. Wishing Anne-Marie a swift recovery, Ian, Anne-Marie, Louise & Ondine

Middle Years: This week we’ve been continuing with our independent learning projects. Our interest in non-fiction has infiltrated into Book Club, as several of us decided to reflect on factual information instead of stories. We were all taken aback by a section on digestion in a science book, that reminded us just how amazing our bodies are. We learnt about the symbiotic relationship we have with microbes, as they help us to digest our food (and thus help keep us alive), and in return receive warmth and food. Interestingly, we learnt that bowel movements are not just made up of undigested food, but also up to fifty percent dead microbes!! We all said thank you to our microbes for the amazing work they do for us, day after day. Some of us think that going to the toilet will never be the same again after reading all this!! Moses and Gabriel (who brought all this to our attention) thought that we should really be saying thank you to every number that two we have!! We wish you all a great half term break!! Clare & Lauren

Nursery: A huge ‘Thank you’ to Mandi (Clara), Fliss (Wilfie) and Helen (Sammy) for all their hard work making the coffee morning run so well, it was wonderful to see so many parents. This time it was more than our usual coffee morning, it was an opportunity to thank Willow for everything and give a heartfelt wish for much happiness in her future. You will be missed! We hope everyone will have a lovely half term, happy holidays! Julie, Willow & Emma


Monday Netball Anna annacole.uk@gmail.com or Lucie lucie.ash@somnowell.com
Tues & Weds Art Club David Bradford 07855 038773 or davidbradford0@gmail.com
Weds Sports Club Mark 07957 416257 perryman@mac1.net or Leo 07862 285801 or leosedgley@googlemail.com
Thurs Knitting Susan on 01323 811942 or sign up in the office
Thurs only! After School Club Contact Fliss on felicityjbull@outlook.com or 07852 975661 to book


Fri 10th Feb 3.15pm Break up for half term
Sat 11th Feb 7.30-12.30pm Ditch the Detox – Party for Patina at Lewes Town Hall
Weds 15th Feb 9.30am-4.30pm Half Term Adventure Sports Day, £20 (Mark 07957 416 257)
Mon 20th Feb 8.55am Back to school
Mon 20th Feb 6.30-9pm Whole School Meeting
Tues 21st Feb 8.45am-5pm Y5&6 to Natural History Museum
Fri 17th March (new date!) 12.30-2.30pm Y4,5&6 Cross Country at Ringmer Primary School


Monday Baked potato beans and slaw (what is it good for?! Absolutely everything :)) Fruit
Wednesday Pasta puttanesca (rivalling the red pepper sauce -up there with the best) Apple crumble
Friday Potato rarebit puff pie (phew its like a tongue twister!) Flappy Jacks flapjack