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10th March 2017

Embracing Change

I did the original play workshop that was held at the school at the weekend. The teacher Fred Donaldson has learnt about the power of play from playing with animals – wolves, a lynx, lions and thousands and thousands of children. The workshop was about strengthening our loving connection with each other and our children but much more. I learnt how pushing against takes so much energy and can destroy, and how really inviting and embracing the energy that comes toward us makes us ready to play with it with creativity. Allowing and embracing what’s happening makes us tremendously resourceful. Coming from love rather than from fear makes us unstoppable. I chaired my first governor’s meeting this week, which after a few months of being in transition, I think officially makes me the chair of the governors. I feel really honoured to play this role and deeply hope to be able to serve the school, our children and community and all those who look to us to learn about what education for a changing world can be.

Last night I saw this video on facebook about putting ‘school’ in the dock:


It’s great, but I was really proud that we’ve moved past the stage of fighting the old system, we’re creating the new – with all the courage, commitment, creativity and resourcefulness that takes and we are doing it together. Thank you all. I am in school on Mondays and Fridays if you’d like a chat or please email me any time una@seanwilliams.co.uk Una

Family Consultations: Will be taking place in the week beginning Monday 20th March for all classes. These important meetings are an opportunity for you and your child to meet with their teacher around the midway point of the year. Please look out for sign up sheets outside classes next week to book your appointment.

Update on fee review: Thank you for all the conversations at the meetings and surgeries and for doing the survey last week. The results of the survey are attached with this letter. Governors are now discussing the options to ensure that we have adequately balanced our needs for fairness, accessibility, quality of provision and staff remuneration and will let you know any changes to fees during the Easter Holidays.

Update from Whole School Meeting: The second whole school meeting happened on Monday. There were 16 of us and we focused on fee structures and fundraising as part of our main theme of ‘how do we support the school to thrive in challenging times?’ We are going to meet again in a fortnight on Monday 20th March and continue with groups focusing on fundraising and marketing. It’s 6.30pm for tea and snacks and we start at 7pm. It’s all done by 9pm. Everyone is welcome whether you’ve been to one of the meetings or not.

Dad’s Camp! We want to get as many dads in this year as we can – new dads please! Its about getting all the dads together, getting to know them to shake hands, give hugs and have a blast with our kids. Any LNS dad (ex dads, future dads) and those taking a ‘dad’ role within a family are also welcome. Friday 9th – Sunday 11th June at Kitts Camp, Scaynes Hill. Adults £27, each Child £17 for the weekend (2 night bookings only). Confirmation and payment needed by the first week of April. To book please email me for payment details prestonprince@hotmail.com Preston (Loui Y6 and Marly Y4)

Wednesday Sports Club: We are now regularly hitting double figures, and that’s in the cold and rain! The charge is just £3 with any surplus (after paying for Scott, the excellent coach) used to buy new sports equipment for school and community use. Our latest purchase has been a brand new set of coloured training bibs. The club runs from 3.15pm to 4.30pm, Years 3-6 although we now have a couple of Y2s taking part. If any Y2s want to join us please let me know first so we can accommodate. Mark (Edgar Y3) perryman@mac1.net or 07957 416 257


Later Years: As many of you know, the Y6s are working hard to reach their £800+ target to participate in PATINA. As well as running their own mini enterprises as part of their cafe on Thursdays they have been exploring other fund-raising ideas. Last week they ran a sponsored silence in class for the whole day. Everybody did so well with keeping silent throughout the day with nearly everyone making it to the end of the day!! They also organised a whole school dress up day this week (see attached photo) which raised over £30 in donations. We have three weeks left for our enterprise project to raise the rest of the money needed which is £280 so please do come along to their cafe every Thursday after school to support them! Thank you.

Monday saw a tremendous achievement for our Netball league team who wont their first match of the year 6-2 against Wallands. Everyone played fantastically well in both attack and defense and the standard of team playing was fabulous! Well done to Daisy, Jess, Kitty, Sophia, Max, Mayan, Luca, Kaziah, Summer and Cassia. We’re now looking towards what we can achieve in our last matches of the year on Monday 20th March!!

This week Ian and I began team teaching with the class for Maths and Communication work and with the children working with the partners they chose for these subjects. So far it has been successful and the children are getting used to this new system. In Maths we are looking at translating, rotation and reflection in all four quadrants. In Communication, we are exploring long and short vowel sounds, complex and compound sentences and beginning to write our own creation stories linked to project work on Evolution. Ian and I will be leading on Maths and Book Clubs next week so the children do not need to prepare for this. Anne-Marie, Ian, Louise & Ondine

Middle Years: This week we have been learning more from each other, sharing our independent research. We were fascinated by Albert’s interest in aircrafts, learning about the early flying machines that explored the human possibilities for flight. From Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine designs from 1485, to the first passenger aircrafts in the 1930’s – we taken aback by the passion and determination of the designers, inventors and engineers who over time actualised the centuries long dream. On a very different subject, we were also very interested in Phoebe’s beetle research! We learnt that beetles play a very important role in nature, consuming dead matter. We were particularly interested in the dung beetles efforts to source and store dung as a food source. Pushing balls of dung that weigh twice their own body weight across sand dunes in immense heat in Africa, the dung beetle comes across many challenges on its journey to ensuring a good meal. Do look up the BBC clip on dung beetles ‘Roll with it’ – it is well worth a watch! Finally we also learnt more about Archie’s research on the history of football. We couldn’t believe how different the game was 500 years ago, when virtually no rules existed and the winning team was the team still standing at the end of the game! It was so dangerous that the King of England had to ban it, because soldiers were so badly injured after playing they couldn’t fight! Such a variety of interests! We are so looking forward to finding out more about each other’s research next week. Have a great weekend! Clare & Lauren

Early Years: This week we have finished off the rainforest and arctic backgrounds and have started making life-sized animals. So far, we have made a 4.6m female Green Anaconda (the males only grow to 3m), a 10m python, a grey wolf and a male polar bear, which measures 1.5m when on all fours. Some of the group want to make animal costumes – any offers of help to make that happen would be greatly appreciated. Alongside this an animal shelter was constructed with the wooden blocks. In Maths, some of the younger members of the group have been practicing addition to 10, while the older members of the group have been learning about fractions. In our music session this week Ali taught us a greeting song from Sierra Leone – Kayai Kayai, Kayai Kayai mama Ka Ka Ka! – and a song about living in the arctic where you get to snuggle up to a polar bear or, as some of us sang, a polar pear! Amanda, Rachel & Jack

Nursery: ‘Stomp, stomp, stomp’… we used the toy dinosaurs and elephants to create footprints by pressing them into the modelling clay, then Mimi placed two together and said ‘They’re kissing!’ Looking for more signs and imprints, we ventured to the park. Twigs and branches were swung all around and through the air. ‘It’s the monsters footprints!’ ‘I’ve found the Emu’s eggs!’ ‘Look, look this is where they are… it’s their nest!’ ‘Follow me, follow me!’ Nevaeh dragged a branch through the leaves creating a trail pattern. As we came across a muddy patch near the swings, an excited chorus could be heard shouting ‘I’ve found more footprints!’ What week of discovery! Just want to wish ones who are poorly a speedy recovery! Have a great weekend from the nursery team, Julie, Anna, Emma and Jack


Monday Netball Anna annacole.uk@gmail.com or Lucie lucie.ash@somnowell.com
Tues & Weds Art Club David Bradford 07855 038773 or davidbradford0@gmail.com
Weds Sports Club Mark 07957 416257 perryman@mac1.net
Thurs Knitting Susan on 01323 811942 or sign up in the office
Thurs only! After School Club Contact Fliss on felicityjbull@outlook.com or 07852 975661 to book


Mon 13th March   Netball League CANCELLED
Fri 17th March 12.30-2.30pm Y4,5&6 Cross Country at Ringmer Primary School
Mon 20th March 3.30-4.30pm Netball League, Pick up Priory School 4.30pm
Mon 20th March 6.30pm for 7-9pm Marketing and Fundraising Group
Thur 30th March 2.30pm-3.15pm Year 5 Play, all welcome
Fri 31st March 3.15pm End of term
Mon 24th April 8.55am Back to school


Monday Homity pie style bake Flappy Jacks flapjacks
Wednesday Green vs red pasta – the challenge is on with a new green sauce contender Oranges
Friday Baked spud-a-roos, beans and slaw Apple crumble for pud!!!