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18th January 2017

The importance of seeing, and being seen

It’s a confusing time. Standing on the brink of the US presidential inauguration, with the prospect of ‘hard Brexit’ in the daily news, it’s difficult to make sense of things and even harder to know how to make a difference. Looking around for some positive ideas and inspiration, I stumbled across a great little TED talk by an American sociologist Kio Stark, about her obsession with talking to strangers. She argues that the kinds of things we say when we catch the eye of a stranger “Hello, how are you?” “What a lovely day!” may sound meaningless but they’re rich with social meaning. “What we mean when we say those things is: I see you there.” Kio has a young child, and she’s acutely aware of how complicated the notion of talking to strangers is in that respect. I’m not going to go into that here (you can look up her talk!), but ultimately she concludes, “We spend a lot of time teaching our children about strangers. What would happen if we spent more time teaching ourselves? We could reject all the ideas that make us so suspicious of each other. We could make a space for change.”

All of this feels very relevant to what we’re aiming for at LNS. We try to practice and model ‘unconditional positive regard’ a concept developed by the humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers. We don’t always get it right, but our intention is always to see and accept the person standing in front of us. The consequence of this is simple, but profound – that person can experience feeling seen and accepted for who they are. For our children, this means they’re free to share, to try things out, make mistakes and be themselves. For us adults, it can mean we work late to get the paperwork done, because during the day we want to take the time to listen and see the people who cross our path. We’re not strangers in our community (far from it!) but its a wonderful place to practice acts of kindness, connection and recognition, to take out into the wider world. Sarah  

Motherhood Show Don’t forget, this weekend LNS are hosting Joanna Henderson’s one woman show. Today at 1.30pm for current parents, tonight at 7pm, and tomorrow (Saturday) at 1pm and 7pm. This small, intimate performance offers a wonderfully warm, sometimes moving, sometimes funny reflection on the experience of being a mother. Not to be missed!

Mums’ night out! Fliss and I will be in the Elephant and Castle from 8pm on Wednesday 1st February. If any other mums would like to join us then we’d love to see them. Helen (Sophie Y2 & Sammy, N)

Ditch the Detox! It’s that time again, to give up on New Year’s Resolutions and party for Patina. Guaranteed the funkiest, funniest night in town. We have 40 tickets allocated to parents at LNS – lets try and fill the dance floor! 11th Feb, 7.30-12.30pm. Tickets £8 in advance, from Anne-Marie or the office.

Half-Term Sports Adventure Day Is already almost half-full so please book up soonest. All-day at LNS Wednesday of half term, 15 February, run by Scott Hadley our brilliant Wednesday Sports Club coach. 9.30am to 4.30pm – every hour the sport changes! To include hockey, football, athletics, netball, tennis and more. Years 3-6, limited places at £20 per head, not-for-profit, any surplus goes towards the school sports fund. For further info and to reserve email perryman@mac1.net or call 07957 416 257. Mark (Edgar Y3) 

After School Club: Huge thanks to Fliss for taking the initiative to run the After School Club for our children this term. Look out for a letter explaining her proposed changes to the club after half term. If you would like to use the club regularly after half term please email Fliss on felicityjbull@outlook.com and state your preferred day or days (if you are flexible on which day, state that too – she will consider running it on a different day to Monday or Thursday if it is sufficiently popular). Fliss will need your booking by Friday 28 January at the latest. It may be that the club will run once a week if there aren’t sufficient numbers for two days.


Later Years: In Later Years this week the Year 6s dabbled with making and selling their enterprise products for PATINA fundraising. There was a steep learning curve as children realised that recipes really were necessary when baking and that children needed to tidy and wash up themselves afterwards (!) as well as work out their costs vs profit. A great deal of learning took place and the children will be fundraising every Thursday after school 3.15-3.30pm so please do support them in their endeavours as well as enjoying the fruits of their labours.

In Projects this week we have been looking at animal evolution through the use of a timeline, as well as examining how animals have adapted and changed over time in order to survive environments and predators. In Maths we have been continuing our work on measuring and naming angles. We are now using our knowledge of angles in order to calculate unknown angles as well as the sum of angles in certain shapes. Anne-Marie, Louise & Ondine.

Middle Years: A Frosty Morning We couldn’t help but notice the beautiful frosty morning on Wednesday. Enchanted by the frozen landscape outside, we went for a walk around the Pells Pond. Inspired by the magic around us, we sat together and wrote a collection of poems. We thought we’d share some highlights from our work with you. Here is a selection of lines from our poems:

A robin singing, in the cold breeze (Edgar); Frozen puddles, reflecting light like a mirror (Jai); Transparent ice, freezing over night (Gabriel); Frosty trees glowing like lights (Henry); Leaves encased in ice, like crystals (Dash); Walking with footsteps behind you (Dylan); Blades of grass, popping and cracking beneath you (collaborative); Twinkling trees, in the magical light (Dash); Birds song, tweeting and twittering (Dash); Pale (Gabriel); misty skies (Nick).

Book Club: Well done to everybody for a much improved week with Book Club! Almost everyone prepared and arrived on time and it made such a big difference! Thank you parents, for supporting this! Please help your child to choose a different focus each week when they prepare. Possible choices include: character, setting, narrative, use of language/ choice of words, description, emotion, reflection/ opinion (what you think/ feel about the extract you are reading), comparison (to other texts, or everyday life), use of illustrations, the theme of a story, inference (reading between the lines, noticing what is being implied), use of punctuation, fascinating facts, and new discoveries – alongside many other options, the possibilities are endless! Have a great weekend, Clare & Lauren

Early Years: Rex, Jacobi and Henry volunteered to write this week’s Friday letter. They took it in turns to type a word document (with support from Holly who helped with grammar and spelling) on the computer. I liked playing with Lego and writing my story (Rex); I liked doing snakes vs iguana performance with Edward and Henry. Also, I liked learning to tell the time because it was fun to make my own clock (Jacobi); I really enjoyed doing the animations because I have never done it before (Henry). Inspired by Edward and Henry’s performance of David Attenborough’s, ‘Snakes vs Iguana’, we have taken to writing or narrating our own animal based stories. Rachel helped us to understand that stories have a structure to them: a beginning, middle and end. We also learnt it is important to set the scene, introduce the characters and make connections within, or keep the flow of, the narrative going to help the reading build the picture in their mind. Many of us shared our worked with the group. The feedback we received inspired us to join together to rework, or continue writing, our stories with new partners, Alaric, Jazz and Rex wrote about a monkey, wolf and red panda, who were captured but managed to escape from a vampire. Marla, Rosemary, Edie and Amanda, wrote about Shirley the shrinking microbe who came under attack from the white blood cells.  Jacobi, Henry and Edward started writing a script to accompany their performance. This led Henry to exclaim, “I know, we could make an animation!” Alongside this, we re-introduced Circles for Learning. Some of the questions that came up in the session with John and Ezra include, what can he (Ezra) do now? How do you train him? Do all babies get trained the same way? We will be meeting with John and Ezra once a month during the year to watch firsthand how Ezra is developing. In between times we will be exploring some of the questions that arise in the sessions. Amanda & Rachel

Nursery: Firstly a huge thank you for the lovely ‘get well/welcome back’ card and to Willow and Rachel for all their work. On Tuesday, we welcomed Teo who has explored the nursery before when collecting his older brother Ollie. He had great fun with the other children on Thursday whilst trying to entice the cat down from the tree. “Wingardium leviosa” was said whilst waving a wand up in the air, “Let’s get steps for it”, “I know we could cut down a branch!” During the rest of the week there have been secret agents, space travel and uncovering treasure that has evoked thoughts and ideas to look at maps. Have a great weekend, Julie, Willow & Emma.


Monday Netball Anna annacole.uk@gmail.com or Lucie lucie.ash@somnowell.com
Tues & Weds Art Club David Bradford 07855 038773 or davidbradford0@gmail.com
Weds Sports Club Mark 07957 416257 perryman@mac1.net or Leo 07862 285801 or leosedgley@googlemail.com
Thurs Knitting Susan on 01323 811942 or sign up in the office
Mon & Thurs After School Club Contact Fliss on felicityjbull@outlook.com or on 07852 975661 to book your child in


Fri 20th Jan 1pm & 7pm Motherhood…   performance by Joanna Henderson
Sat 21st Jan 1pm & 7pm Motherhood…   performance by Joanna Henderson
Tues 24th Jan 3pm-4.30pm Football League (pick up 4.30pm from 3G pitch, Ham Lane)
Thurs 26th Jan 3.15-3.30pm Y6 Patina cake sale
Fri 27th Jan Evening (time TBC) Later Years Pop Up Restaurant
Thurs 2nd Feb 3.15-3.30pm Y6 Patina cake sale
Tues 7th Feb 3pm-4.30pm Football League (pick up 4.30pm from 3G pitch, Ham Lane)
Thurs 9th Feb 3.15-3.30pm Y6 Patina cake sale
Fri 10th Feb 3.15pm Break up for half term
Sat 11th Feb 7.30-12.30pm Ditch the Detox – Party for Patina at Lewes Town Hall
Weds 15th Feb 9.30am-4.30pm Half Term Adventure Sports Day, £20 (Mark 07957 416 257)
13th– 17th Feb 9.30am-3.30pm Half Term Art Workshops, £35 (Corinna 07974 355775)
Mon 20th Feb 8.55am Back to school
Mon 20th Feb Evening (time TBC) Whole School Meeting


Monday Cauliflower cheese! Fruit and seeds
Wednesday Pasta puttanesca (better than pepernata pasta which is better than red pasta!) Fruit crumble
Friday Baked potato, beans and coleslaw Flappy flap jacks