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3rd March 2017

If you have been wondering about the online survey…

It is that time of year when governors and trustees come together for an FGB Meeting and, amongst other things, set the fees for the coming academic year. The governors and trustees are keen that decisions about fees and the development of a sustainable business model for the school are made with reference to the views of as many members of the community as possible. The recent Whole School Meeting was well attended and participants elected to continue the discussion at a further meeting on Monday evening. Conversations with individual parents have continued through the week both informally and at a handful of governor surgeries.

In addition, all parents have received an invitation to participate in the online survey. Whilst it might make more sense within the context of the Whole School meetings, we would really like to encourage you to fill it in whether you took part in face-to-face discussion or not. The data gathered will give us useful information into the demographics and opinions of our community as we look to develop a sustainable business model for the school.

The online survey is anonymous and the data will only be used for the purpose of informing the overarching strategy. If you haven’t done so already, you can access the survey via the link in this email. The survey will close on Monday at 9.00am. Sophia (Benny Y6)

** Second Whole School Meeting next Monday 6th March 7-9pm***

The gate: We’ve spied a few parents chatting by the gate and leaving it open recently. Please be vigilant (especially nursery parents picking up at lunchtime!) and keep it closed at all times. Thank you!


Later Years: This week in Later Years we have been looking at reflection, translation and rotation in our maths work as well as using co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants. Revising our knowledge of shape and angles from the last couple of months has really helped us with this work.

In Projects we have been exploring Creation stories from around the world and in different religions, and how these oppose the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin and the Big Bang theory. This had led us to discussions about what we might believe about the creation of the universe and human beings – it’s been an interesting journey of thought for many of us!

The Y6s have been incorporating some market research in their PATINA enterprise projects – finding out from their customers which of their products sell best and which need to be ‘discontinued’! We have also been looking at profit against costs and how we could possibly reduce our costs when we are shopping for our ingredients.

The Y5s have been continuing with Joanna in the writing and performing of their own dramatic play, which they will be performing for the whole school community on Thursday 30th March at 2.30pm in the school hall. Please come along and support them.

There is another opportunity for everyone to help the Y6s PATINA fundraising next week with our Whole School Dress Up Day on Tuesday 7th March. You can come dressed up in whichever costume/disguise you choose, simply donate 50p to PATINA and the Y6s will be extremely grateful. Happy weekend, Anne-Marie, Ian, Louise & Ondine

Middle Years: This week we have been busy experimenting with different techniques in junk modelling, combining a range of materials to add interest to our mini shoebox environments. We’ve created lots of very exciting work whilst putting our crafting skills to the test, sharing ideas, giving each other feedback and support whilst working independently. We’ve found that researching ideas online is really helpful too, to see what and how other people have gone about their junk modelling projects. We’re continuing to work on our independent writing projects, working towards publishing our fact books. We’re also persevering with our challenge of securing a reliable method for each of the four number operations. We are taking turns at teaching each other by demonstrating how to use the methods on the whiteboard. A very busy week! Have a great weekend, Clare & Lauren

Early Years: Much of our week has been spent working on creating habitats and habitat related art. We shared the shoebox habitats some of the group had made last week. We had a discussion around what we thought each habitat might be e.g. jungle, forest etc and then thought of ideas for what we would do if it were our shoebox. Amanda then asked us to help her design her rainforest shoebox habitat – you could paint it green, make small plasticine trees to go in it, you could draw or paint a picture of trees to go on the back to make it look as if things are coming out of it.  With these thoughts buzzing around their heads some of the group continued to work on their plasticine models. Some members of the group have continued to rework and rebuild their wooden block trees.

Later in the week we worked together to plan a large piece of artwork to represent the arctic/Antarctic. Ideas included: polar bears, snowy hills and beluga whales; making an ice cube and snowy mountains; we could dress up and do a show; we could get air conditioning and make it feel like the arctic; we could do big art for the pictures, use white glitter for the snow, fake snow and a fan so it snows; fake snow coming down from the mountain; we might need sewing equipment for the costumes, we could get a fan to blow feathers, or white sand, like snow; we could make one less polar bear and dress me up; we can dress up or we can make animals out of playdoug;. I think we should make the fake snow out of feathers. How about PVA glue and resin for the icebergs?

We put all of these ideas on hold awhile to have our music session with Ali. She taught us another Swahili song, ‘Jambo’, and a song from Ghana ‘A yele mama yele oh’. We also learnt how to sign ‘Have you seen a crocodile?’ which we used to tell a story. We used claves to make the sound of a crocodile snapping.

Before creating our arctic/antarctic backdrop, Amanda reminded us of the squirt and roll technique we used when making the large underwater backdrops last year –it’s a lot of fun and much quicker than painting with a paintbrush! Amanda, Rachel & Jack (!)


Monday Netball Anna annacole.uk@gmail.com or Lucie lucie.ash@somnowell.com
Tues & Weds Art Club David Bradford 07855 038773 or davidbradford0@gmail.com
Weds Sports Club Mark 07957 416257 perryman@mac1.net
Thurs Knitting Susan on 01323 811942 or sign up in the office
Thurs only! After School Club Contact Fliss on felicityjbull@outlook.com or 07852 975661 to book


Mon 6th March 3.30-4.30pm Netball League, pick up Priory School 4.30pm
Mon 6th March 6.30-9pm Whole School Meeting
Tues 7th March   Whole school dress up day for PATINA (50p!)
Mon 13th March 3.30-4.30pm Netball League, Pick up Priory School 4.30pm
Fri 17th March 12.30-2.30pm Y4,5&6 Cross Country at Ringmer Primary School
Thur 30th March 2.30pm-3.15pm Year 5 Play, all welcome
Fri 31st March 3.15pm End of term
Mon 24th April 8.55am Back to school


Monday Baked potato baked beans and homemade coleslaw Crumble
Wednesday Roasted pepper and basil pasta Flap Jacks
Friday Pizzzzzaaaa yup that is piZzzzzzaaaaaa … and oranges