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Friday 13th January 2012


New Year – New Beginnings I always think that those of us who work in schools are lucky – we have two ‘new years’- one in September and one in January.  When we start in September the children seem to have suddenly grown and matured, there is the buzz and excitement of new classes, with everyone returning from the relaxation of the summer break, refreshed, renewed and ready to start again.  Then there is the January new year where we are all a little reluctant still to get out of bed, where we have indulged a little too much over the festive season, and where we make those same resolutions all over again!What will this year bring for all of us at LNS?  For Georgie and Lydia it brings the joy, excitement and responsibility of parenthood.  Life will never be the same again!  Faustina has the challenge and experience of working in the state sector for six weeks to look forward to (part of her teacher training).  I will let you know more about this in due course.

Sadly Karen Dobres is stepping down from the Governing Body, so you will be electing a new parent governor to the team.  I would like to thank Karen for her hard work, diligence and commitment to the school.  New governors often help us to look at things afresh and bring renewed energy to the team.  So do nominate someone or put yourself forward if you are interested in making a real difference to the school.

For our year six children there is the anticipation, excitement and trepidation of moving to secondary school. We will be helping them prepare for this key transition.

And then we have the possibility of the Free School application………..

I am sure the year ahead will have many highlights, and no doubt some things will come along to ‘trip’ us up!  Whatever it brings we will take the opportunity to learn, reflect and support each other, and continue to strengthen this very special community.

I wish you all happiness and contentment for the year ahead.


Later Years update

It has been an unusual week for Later Years!  First Faustina’s class and Clare/Lorraine’s class have swapped base rooms.  The children have quickly settled and have taken this move in their stride.  We have had a timetable change so that playtime is now at 10.00am and lunchtime is now from 12.00 to 1.00pm. The week has focussed on rounding up the science project work.  Anne-Marie’s group have been working on a special exhibition – shhh it’s a secret – all will soon be revealed.  Clare/Lorraine’s group have been discovering the difference between a chemical reaction and a change of state – they have been eating chocolate and pancakes!  Faustina’s group have been investigating ‘forces’ and have made some exploding rockets.  It has been busy, fun, chaotic and messy!  Linda

Early Years update

Happy New Year! We started the year off with a recap of what each of us did over Christmas and looking ahead to 2012! We have been practising remembering the months of the year in sequence and matching the months to the seasons as well as identifying when our birthdays fall throughout the year.  Talk about seasons has inspired a range of art work and writing and we are in the process of creating a ‘Seasons’ board in our classroom.  Some children were fascinated by the science week activities occurring in Later Years this week, in particular the rocket experiments.  This inspired them to build their own rocket out of junk modelling and hopefully we will conduct our own research into different types of rockets later.  Lydia

Nursery: This week has been all about welcoming people back, welcoming newcomers and settling back in.  The group have spent time learning how to work together and how to negotiate their needs.  While making play-dough they had to work together to add the ingredients, passing the bowl to the next person when they had finished mixing.  They had to wait patiently for their turn and negotiate who was having the bowl next.  This was a great activity for bringing the group together.

In the outside area other children have been learning the same skills by building “Awesome” castles and space rockets.  Amanda  


Thank You Karen (Alfie)Am I able to write this on behalf of all of us? I think I can! I would like to thank Karen for her fantastic work since she became Parent Governor at the beginning of last year. Karen has created and run a dynamic team of enthusiastic parents.  The structure she has given the Parent Team has enabled it to operate with purpose, clarity and enabled a sense of responsibility and effective communications. Furthermore, Karen has been there for all of us, listening to our concerns or ideas, representing us all faithfully on the governing body. She has always dealt with issues (personal and not personal) with sensitivity and integrity. Thank you Karen for the commitment and energy you’ve given to the role.Dahlan (Chair of Governors, Elias & Joshi)

Parent Governor Elections! 

The governing body invites all parents to nominate themselves or another parent from Later Years to take over from Karen D as Parent Governor – the nominations must also include the reasons why you think the nominee/themselves would be a good candidate for the role. The role of Parent Governor at LNS is significant and we encourage you all to think about yourself or another parent as possible candidates. All candidates will then be considered by the parent body and the one with the most votes will be appointed Parent Governor by the Full Governing Body. If you have any questions about whats involved or the level of the commitment, please get in touch with Dahlan (Elias, Joshi) or Karen (Alfie).

Please can all nominations and reasoning be sent to Charley Haward for collation – charx@rocketmail.com – by next Tuesday 17th Jan.

Thank you.


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