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Friday 14th October 2016

“Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves…”

This, of course, is the time for bringing in the harvest and celebrating the abundance of berries in the hedgerows and crops in the fields. But it’s also a time for sowing and scattering seeds for the spring, preparing for the long cold nights of winter and pausing for a moment to savour the richness of colours and textures that the change of seasons bring. So we thought we’d do something a little different to celebrate Autumn this year and will be dedicating a whole day to this most magical of seasons. In the morning, there’ll be an autumnal art workshop, cookery and bread making and creating some safe havens for our local wildlife to bed down in for the winter. We’ll be coming together to feast on seasonal soup and fresh-baked bread for lunch, then joining together for a singing assembly in the afternoon. Parents, come join us next Thursday! We’ll need your help in the playground and the workshops from 9.30am, and we’d love you to join us for lunch at 12pm. If you can’t spare the whole day then come along to the hall at 2pm for our Autumn Assembly. Please sign up in the office or email sarah.thomas@lewesnewschool.co.uk if you’d like to join us.

Please bring your gifts of packets, tins and dried food as usual for our local Food Bank to the Quiet Room next week. On Thursday we’ll also be selling the Hearth’s heritage wheat flour and hopefully some local pumpkins in aid of refugees. Sarah

Winter Fair update

A group of us met up this Monday to carry on with plans for the Winter Fair.  We’ve settled on a theme – Into the Woods: A Fairy Tale Christmas – which will hopefully feature a Bavarian kitchen serving sausages from the first aid room, a Hansel and Gretel candy themed cafe in the later years classroom, and a workshop full of crafts, games and treats in the hall.  Another exciting plan this year is to sell Christmas trees! Watch out for more info about reserving yours after half term. Everyone is welcome to join us for another meeting next Monday after drop off in the quiet room. In the meantime, please consider helping out with any of the following:

Tea and Cake – We are doing well with key parent volunteers overseeing areas like marketing and hot food, but still desperately need someone to take on the cafe. Please get in touch if you think you can help out.  We can’t have a fair without cake!

Face painting – This is always one of the most popular stalls and children can queue for ages as we never have enough people to help.  With this in mind, Lowri (Marly Y2 & Loui Y6) will be offering another face painting class after drop off on November 16th.  Even if you can only commit to an hour to give someone a break, it would make all the difference, and you can learn a fun new skill in the process! Helen 07760 254856 helenpage99@hotmail.com

Raffle Prizes – Helen (Sophie Y2 & Sam N) has kindly offered to take on the raffle, but would appreciate some help as asking for free stuff can take its toll.  Please let her know if you would be able to help ask for donations, either from somewhere that you have in mind or the list of businesses that have been generous with us in the past.

Fundraising: We have been raising money in Alison’s group for Great Ormond Street Hospital’s hypermobility department. We would like to ask you to donate some furniture that you don’t want any more, so that we can upcycle and then sell it to raise money for GOSH’s hypermobility department. Thank you. Kitty and Summer

Later Years: We started our week in Later Years with our first Netball League match of the year with Max, Sophia, Daisy, Kitty and Kaziah. It was the first time the team had played together and they showed great teamwork as well as defending and attacking skills. We won one game and lost two. We learned a lot about marking and foot skills and are looking forward to our next evening of matches next Monday.

Some of the children in Alison’s group presented their project work of ‘Making a Difference’ to the school in our assembly. They are exploring ways in which their actions can make a difference in the world whether this be nature and animal conservation or supporting a local charity.

In our Maths work we have been investigating all the ways in which we use measurements in our everyday life from time, distance and area to temperature, power and mass. We have also been looking at how we convert units of measure between each other and when using decimals in both metric and imperial units.

As part of our Weaponry project, we have been exploring our individual interests that arose from our mind mapping. These include designing and making replica weapons such as Trebuchet, sling shots and bows, to creating stop motion animations of battle scenes from WW1 as well as investigating trench warfare in WW1. Lots of children are looking forward to visiting the Battle of Hastings re-enactment this weekend, I’m sure they will return next week full of information and experiences to share with us all. Happy weekend Anne-Marie, Alison and Louise

Middle Years: This week we have been practicing for book club, starting next week. Look out for our newly designed ‘Home-School Note Books’! We’ve prepared our first book club at school, to help us learn how. From here onwards, we will prepare at home. We are trying to learn our times tables off by heart and support at home with this will really help us to do this! We are using ‘3 Times Table Multiplication Game Fun’ on ‘childrenlovetosing’ available on Youtube to sing our 3 times table. There are various songs available so please feel free to explore and find new ones for us to try out! As part of our class project we have planned a visit to Newhaven Fort on Tuesday 1st November to investigate the home front during WW2. The letter for this will be coming soon!  We plan to dress up as 1940’s children and will need to make identity cards so that we can join in an air raid roleplay there! Please let us know if you know anyone who would be willing to come in and talk to us about personal experiences on the home front. Thank you to the volunteer wartime chefs that have come forward (Lydia and Lucila), and to Petty for her 1940’s cookbook! We now just need to plan a meal using daily rations for authenticity! We are looking forward to a visit from William Page next week who is coming in to explain to us how he manages without his sight. Wishing you all a great weekend! Clare, Heather, Lauren & Ondine

Reception & Early Years: One of our first tasks this week was to work with our Talk Partner to discover 2 facts about Egyptian life. Cats were worshipped for the ability to control the rat population, only priests could go into temples, houses were made of mud bricks and had flat roofs so that people could sleep on them on warm nights, Isis is often depicted as having wings under her arms, they liked dancing and they ate a lot of fish, meat and bread.

Next we were inspired to develop a story narrative by using the Egyptian landscapes we started painting last week. We used the small worked toys as to re-enact our narrativesOne day there was a Pharaoh named John and he was a tough and rich Pharaoh. And he had two brothers who they worked on the farm. One day they wanted someone else to help so a man came. They were working really hard and two people came riding down the Nile and asked, “What are you doing?” “Do you not know about the pyramids? This is Egypt!!” (Story by Gabriel)

This led some of us to write stories in our mark making books… In the sandy dessert of Egypt, Ra looked down at the people. Suddenly Ra saw a stone that he had never seen before, the stone had hieroglyphs on it. Ra saw that it had a door on it. Ra walked towards the door, he opened the door. Inside was Tutankhamun’s tomb… To find out what happened next ask Sophie.

Other activities this week have included building tombs and temples out of blocks and junked modelling, making Cleopatra style wigs and practicing following the beat of the Amazing Egyptians song by clapping, or drumming, out the rhythm. Alongside this some of us have been exploring the initial, middle and end sounds in words. Others have been exploring words that have ‘ing’, ‘le’, ‘ed’ endings. We have also practiced addition and subtraction to 20, counting to 30, writing numbers and have been using words like odd and even to describe numbers. Amanda, Rachel & Willow

Nursery: Whilst looking at imagery about voice boxes, and through discussion, the children have been drawn towards skeletons. So this week we started looking at skeleton parts: “That’s its skull”, “Here’s his hand”. We made our own x-ray imagery whilst also finding bones hidden around the nursery. ‘’That’s like a brain!’’ – it was actually the light bulb that we’d been using in the circuits last week. Some of the children thought flowers had skeletons so next week we are going to compare and test this. Having flowers in the nursery created an opportunity for the children to look at them closely. This led to requests of planting seeds, so we started planting and setting up some experiments to see which conditions the seeds like best. Hope you have a great weekend, Julie


Monday Netball Anna annacole.uk@gmail.com or Lucie lucie.ash@somnowell.com
Tues & Weds Art Club David Bradford 07855 038773 or davidbradford0@gmail.com
Wednesdays Sports Club Sign up in office or text Barney Kaufmann on 07837 632070



Mon 17th Oct 9.15-10.30am Winter Fair Meeting in the Quiet Room
Mon 17th Oct 3.30pm-4.45pm Netball league at Priory
Tues 18th Oct 8.40am Y3-6 Swimming at Lewes Leisure Centre – LAST ONE
Weds 19th Oct 9.30am-12.30pm Visitors from Mexico & UNESCO!
Thurs 20th Oct 9.30-3.15pm Autumn Celebrations (see above for details!)
Friday 21st Oct 3.15pm Break up for half term
Tues 1st Nov 8.55am Back to school
Weds 16th Nov 9.15am Face painting workshop (contact Helen 07760 254856)
Sat 3rd Dec 12-4pm Winter Fair!


Monday The clash of the sauces returns! Red v green pasta – who will win?! Oranges & seeds
Wednesday Shepherdess pie and carrots (as ever, not one shepherd harmed…) Melon
Thursday! Extra special harvest soup & bread Autumn surprise!!
Friday Cheese pie and seasonal veg Fruit crumble