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Friday 15th July 2016


This time of year at school is always bitter sweet. Somehow the year has rushed away from us… so, just like when reading a good book, we find ourselves at the end before we really want to be! These last few weeks of term are always full to bursting point, but the best thing about them is that moments become significant and memories are made. Simple things such as children sharing a clapping game with me in the playground, or popping into my office to tell me a joke, show me a drawing or offer advice. We hope the children’s memories of LNS will be of having fun and feeling confident, of exploration and endeavour, and of friendship, care and laughter. “We don’t remember days. We remember moments”. I watched with pride as our Later Years children took part in the dance festival held at Roedean – such talent, such poise, such energy and youth. And again, what joy to see our Year 6 prepare for and take part in the wonderful PATINA parade. How could we not feel joy, pride and hope? In the complexity that is school life it is important that we make time to treasure the moments and cherish the memories.

Good wishes, thanks and love to all our Year 6s and their parents who have given us many happy memories. Each one of you has brought something special to our school and our lives. ‘Time passes, people leave, but hearts never forget.’ We wish you many more moments to treasure and hope you leave us with many happy memories.

Good wishes too to Leila and Luke (and Clare and Jonathan) who are sadly leaving us to go to a new school closer to home, and to Toby who is moving to LOGS (we hope Barney and Abi will continue as part of our support team). We will miss you all, and wish you happiness, fun and many adventures in the future. Linda

Thank you

There are many Year 6 parents that have given huge amounts of time, effort and energy to supporting the school in many and varied ways, from sharing their special skills and talents in class, volunteering on the governing body, helping out at camp, helping out with IT, accompanying children on class trips, football matches etc. throughout the time that their children have been with us in school. To all of you – Charlotte, Gian, Katherine, Kevin, Sephie, Adrian, Nimmy, Gavin, Sarah, Ray, Anton, Petty, Barney and Abi – a huge THANK YOU. We really couldn’t have done it without you.

I would like to say a special public thank you to Charlotte (Madeline Y6). Throughout my headship Charlotte has been quietly supportive. As I came into school she gently nudged me in the right direction, and has used considerable tact and diplomacy, as a Governor and as a Parent Rep, to enable the school to develop and flourish. She has attended all our Open Mornings, providing us with the best personal testament that an education at LNS really does work by explaining what her children have gone on to achieve. In addition she has ensured that we have been able to hold our heads high in local sporting events, having run netball club for several years and championed participation in a variety of outdoor events. Thank you.

I would also like to say thank you to Nimmy (Lottie Y6) who has been with the school for a very long time. She has baked endless delicious cakes and supplied staff with wonderful treats when life has proved difficult. Nimmy also organised and ran the camp kitchen for several years. She’s always had the school’s and staff’s best interest in mind. Thank you. The school won’t be the same without you both. Linda

Anna: Our lovely Anna (Nursery Assistant) who has been at the school for almost 13 years has decided that there is more to life than LNS. She will be stepping down from her permanent post and working on a more casual basis when we need expert cover. Anna has been an amazing member of our team having a very thoughtful and wise disposition. She has shown a real passion for her work, with a total focus on the children, their interests and adventures. She is unaware that she is ‘one in a million’ and irreplaceable but this really is true. We hope that she doesn’t enjoy herself so much out there that she won’t want to come back! Our thanks for all the hard work and love she has given to both children and staff. And we wish her many happy adventures in the future. Linda

Georgie: Thanks are also due to Georgie who returned to work after leaving to have her second child to take on the complex task of organising and running the Wednesday Workshops. Georgie has done a brilliant job in finding new inspiring workshop leaders, and has managed the complexity of Wednesday afternoons with determination and cheer. Georgie is moving on so we wish her much happiness in her next venture. Linda

School Photo: Now happening on Monday as so many children were absent last week! Hope we can all be there. Nursery children who don’t usually attend on Mondays are more than welcome to attend at 10.15am.

End of term picnic: We break up at 12pm next Wednesday for our annual whole school picnic in Pells Park. Please bring in a picnic lunch (for you and your children!) on that day.

** All children need to bring in a large bag next week to take all their belongings home in please**

Later Years

In the last two weeks in Later Years we have celebrated our sporting, creative and academic endeavours. These have included the PATINA parade for the Y6s, District Sports and LNS Sports Day, the Roedean Dance show and the exhibition of our film projects, Circles for Learning and Science, as well as the children sharing all their learning from Wednesday Workshops! It’s been a busy, excitable and demanding time for all and the children have really risen to each and every challenge with commitment, perseverance and resilience. Well done one and all!

We have also spent time looking back as well as looking forwards as part of our transition work. We have spent time in our new classes getting to know each other ahead of September and reflecting on our school journey as we prepare to bid goodbye to the Y6s and Toby in our class. We wish them all the best in all of their endeavours. We hope you all have a restful and enjoyable summer break. Anne-Marie, Tina & Louise

** Swimming is on as usual for Middle Years on Tuesday**

Middle Years This week we visited Preston Manor in role as children from the 1890’s, applying for a variety of roles downstairs. We were set to task, sweeping the carpets, polishing the cutlery, making the beds, ironing lace, scrubbing fireplaces, cleaning boots and preparing lavender bags. We were not allowed to speak unless we were spoken to as the housekeeper was very strict! At the end of the role-play we applied for a range of jobs. James was employed as the footman, Dylan as an oddman, Leila as the kitchen maid, Archie as the gardener’s boy, and Sophia was employed as the 4th housekeeper! Mrs Story explained that we would remain in our employment until our deaths and that all our wages would be sent home to our families. It was quite an experience and an eye opener into the reality of life for eleven year old children in Victorian times who did not come from privileged backgrounds. It was an interesting end to our project on childhood and change over time! Next Wednesday you are welcome to come and view photographs from the visit and look through your child’s portfolio at 11. 45am. Wishing you all a great summer! Clare, Corinna & Ondine

Reception & Early Years: Most of our week has been taken up with practicing for sports day which, as far as our class is concerned, was a great hit. Most of the group thought the day was great fun some because they won races, others enjoyed taking part and trying their best, while some of the group said their team winning the cup was the highlight. We explored what it felt like not to win, some children noted their disappointment and ‘fall out’ from not winning saying it made them feel like they didn’t want to do any more races. However, they were able to overcome these feelings and enjoyed taking part in the field events. Ted summed up the overall feeling of the group by stating, “Sports day was AWESOME!”

Some of the plants we have been growing over the past few months have blossomed. Our giant sunflower has started to flower and is taller than Amanda even when she stands on tiptoes and reaches her arm up as high as it will go! Our cucumbers were ready to be harvested. We enjoyed eating them with our lunch today. Gabriel said they were the best ever! And, our mystery plant is no longer a mystery, they is a tiny green tomato growing from one of the vines. We hope it will be ready to eat before we break up. We also decided that on the last day of term we are going to have a dress-up disco party so please make sure your children come to school in their dress-up/party/disco clothes. Amanda, Heather, Lauren & Rachel

Nursery: Rachel has really enjoyed being back in the Nursery this week, although we have missed Julie and wish her well soon. It has been a varied week with collages and imaginative role play, jigsaw puzzles and spiders being drawn on the whiteboard. A big thank you to all the parents who helped with Sports Day, we especially appreciated you all walking up to the Paddock with us, cheering children on and participating to make sure all the children felt able to join in. It’s been an enjoyable and busy time and I’ve been so proud of the children’s enthusiasm and efforts. It’s such a privilege to witness them develop, mature and blossom. Have a lovely summer. Rachel, on behalf of Julie, Anna, Emma and Sara


**No after school clubs next week! **


Monday 10.15am Whole school photo
Tuesday 19th July 2pm Y6 Leaver’s Assembly – ALL PARENTS WELCOME
Wednesday 20th July 11.45-12pm Year 3&4 project sharing
Wednesday 20th July School ends 12pm End of Term Picnic at Pells Park
Thursday 1st Sept   Hove Beach Hut meet up – all welcome! (Rachel 07920 013878)
Monday 12th Sept   Early Years meet up (Lydia 07816 212838)
Tuesday 13th Sept 8.55am The start of a whole new year! Join us for coffee after drop off


Monday Bubble & Squeak, beans and coleslaw Apple & blackberry crumble
Wednesday PICNIC IN THE PARK!! Bring lunch for you and your children


*Don’t forget to contact Jack if you’d like some lunches for your freezer over the summer! Jack-thunder@hotmail.com *