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Friday 16th September 2016

Welcome! What a lovely week it’s been! The sun has shone brightly on our new school year and it has been very special and affirming to renew our relationships with you all. Thank you to the Parent Reps for providing tea, coffee and some delicious cakes and biscuits for families to enjoy at ‘drop off’ on the first day back. It gave us a chance to welcome our new families into school, and for them to make connection with our supportive community. It was also lovely to hear about everyone’s adventures over the summer.

I’m delighted to say that despite the changes to staffing and organisation there has been a very settled feel around school this week. Children and staff have quickly adjusted to their new circumstances with plans for this term’s projects underway and a buzz of interest and excitement throughout. Linda

Goodbye: As most of you are aware, we had resignations from two of our Teaching Assistants over the summer. Both Tina and Corinna have left us to pursue other interests. I know that both will be greatly missed by the children and staff. I would like to thank them for all their hard work and contribution to our school. Both have interesting plans for their futures and I am sure you will join with me in wishing them happiness and success for the future. We plan to invite them both back to say a proper ‘goodbye’ to them and, of course, hope that they keep in touch in the future.

Allergies: We do still have children with allergies in the school, but these shouldn’t impact too much on children bringing in food to school. However, please don’t bring products to school containing raw egg. If your child has a serious allergy to any other substances (nuts, sesame etc) which means they should not come into contact with that please inform the office ASAP.

Parents! We will be having our first Parent Team meeting next Monday morning after drop off. We will be discussing a number of things, including finalising class reps for the year. All parents are welcome, so come along if you’d like to get involved or just find out what we do. Lydia (Nick Y3 & Katie R)

Guitar taster lessons: Hi there! I have spaces for new guitar students at LNS. I’ve been teaching guitar for over ten years (to children and adults) and performing for around fifteen years – as a solo performer with my own music, as a vocalist and guitarist with a 1920s Appalachian folk band, and currently as guitarist with a sixties covers band. My approach encourages students to feel enthusiastic about playing, while at the same time gaining the skills and techniques they need to play the guitar. I’m always happy to answer any questions (yours or your child’s!), so please do ask if there is anything that you’d like to know.

Next week I will be offering ‘taster lessons’ for anyone who wishes to try out. Guitar lessons are one-to-one, 30 minutes and cost £15 per lesson, payable half-termly in advance. Payment for a single ‘taster lesson’ is fine. I can provide a guitar for the taster lesson if your son/daughter does not have one already. Email me at jaimearegan@gmail.com if you are interested. Jaime

Later Years: Welcome back everyone, we hope you have all had a restful and enjoyable break and have returned ready to get your teeth into years 5 and 6! We have started the term with several activities which have helped us get to know one another better as well as sharing what we have been up to for the last few weeks.We have also been exploring challenges that we could set ourselves for the coming year as well as developing ideas related to our various individual and collaborative projects.

Please not that swimming will be starting on Tuesday mornings and the children will need to be prepared with appropriate clothing for PE with Heather on Wednesday afternoons.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our welcome teacher/parent meeting on Monday 26th September 2.30pm where we will be discussing several areas of the timetable from Book and Maths Clubs to projects through the year (letter and information to follow). Anne-Marie & Louise

Middle Years: Welcome back everyone! This week we’ve been having a great time getting to know each other and settling as a new class! We’ve been playing a range of board games, puzzles and card games to work on collaboration, reflecting particularly on our patience and commitment when working as part of a group. We started the week baking a banana cake to celebrate the new year and this turned into a mini project (don’t worry, we haven’t gone bananas!). We followed a recipe for Banana Cake Number 1 including 200g of sugar, and thought that it was too sweet, so we reduced the sugar content and by Banana Cake Number 3 – included no sugar at all! However this cake tasted a little bland, so we decided to use honey to replace the sweetness from the sugar. Our final cake, ‘B.C.5’, was made using dates. Our overall favourite was ‘B.C.2’, that contained only 50g of sugar. If you have a favourite recipe for banana cake at home, please share it with us! Wishing you all a lovely weekend! Clare, Lauren & Ondine

Reception & Early Years: Our week has been filled with welcoming new children to the group and familiarising ourselves with the new layout of the class. We have been engaged in a number of set-up activities including making name tags, taking photos and drawing self-portraits for our coat hooks, making new talk and pebble partners and making bookmarks.

The theme for our first project is going to be Ancient Egypt. There have been many ideas about how to share our learning  – a banquet (if the Egyptians have banquets!), a game show, a play and going on an expedition. All of these ideas have created an excited buzz around the classroom.

On a separate note we are planning to rebuild the shelter in the playground. The build is taking place on Friday 30th September, any parental help would be greatly appreciated. Amanda, Rachel & Willow

Nursery: The long summer holidays created lots to information share. ”We had two toilets!” said Clara, Sammy mentioned he had been to Menorca, Lucius told us he went to Toys-r-us and got a dinosaur. Wilfie joined us with his mummy and managed to stay the whole morning and settled in so well it was like he had always been there. Lucius took great pleasure in sharing his Pink Panther book and introducing us to ”Inspector Clouseau”. We were inspired to be inspectors and started detective work searching for hidden dinosaurs by following the clues.

On Thursday, Nevaeh joined us, immediately choosing activities and making herself feel right at home. Mummy was spot on when she said Nevaeh loves roleplay – she became our shopkeeper and I got a tasty pizza! We also welcomed back Charlie, who showed his new physical skills on the climbing frame. When he started to scale the climbing wall others joined in too. Scooters and balance bikes are still popular, and it was lovely to see nursery and reception children following Dahlan’s lead and sharing their scooters so everyone could have a go. Julie


Art Club (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3.20-4.40pm) will be starting again on 27th & 28th September. If your child is interested in carrying on or joining new, or if you have any questions, please contact David direct on davidbradford0@gmail.com or 07855 038773.

Knitting: will restart after half term

If anyone has any ideas for After School Clubs (or would like to have a go at running something themselves!) please do pop into the office.


Mon 19th Sept 9.15-10.30 Parent Team Meeting – all parents welcome (Quiet Room)
Tues 20th Sept 8.45am Middle & Later Years Swimming (Lewes Leisure Centre)
Thurs 22nd Sept   Guitar Taster Lessons (Quiet Room)
Thurs 22nd Sept 3.30-4.30pm Nursery Family Tea – new and old parents welcome!
Sun 25th Sept All Day Governors’ and Trustees’ Annual Retreat (GHFP)
Mon 26th Sept 2.30-3.15pm Later Years parent/ teacher info meeting
Tues 27th Sept 3.20-4.40 Art Club starts (Art Room)
Weds 28th Sept 2.30-3.15pm Middle Years parent/ teacher info meeting
Thurs 29th Sept 2.30-3.15pm Early Years parent/ teacher info meeting
Fri 30th Sept All day Shelter Building in the playground – parent help welcome!



If anyone has any spare fruit (apples, black berries etc) or a glut of courgettes, tomatoes etc from their garden that you’re looking to get rid of Jack would love to use them in the school kitchen!

Monday Sweet potato tagine & bejeweled cous cous Oranges & seeds
Wednesday Shepherds pie & carrots cooked with orange Fruit
Friday Lasagne Stewed apple