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Friday 1st July 2016

School Camp

For four consecutive years I’ve driven Moses to camp, helped pitch the tent and watched him excitedly rush off to the welcome circle. I’ve known that Powdermill Woods is a beautiful place to camp and that The Circle of Life team provide a wonderful rich experience for our children and that they and our teachers look after them so well. But I didn’t really know it.

This year, the fifth for our family but Gabriel’s first, I went along as a parent volunteer – assigned to water duties. I had no idea that I would enjoy myself so much and that it would be such a privilege to watch and be part of it. It was an amazing camp with some very special moments. I will never forget 6 o’clock on that second night. Having just managed to feel like we were drying out a bit from the previous stormy night and just about to serve up dinner, the skies opened with yet more torrential rain which didn’t really have anywhere to go fast as the ground was so saturated. We were dry under the tarpaulins strung from the trees but the fire circle rapidly became a lake with a fire island in the middle. The children sat around that circle with their wellies in the water eating their dinner a bit subdued. Then quite spontaneously, quietly at first but gradually increasing in volume, they started singing the beautiful song that they’d learned earlier. They were determined not to be drowned out by the (very loud) sound of the rain.

I saw so much love, friendship, personal challenge, learning, excitement and emotion on that camp. To watch how the children looked after each other and how our amazing teachers looked after our children was awe-inspiring.

I got back and thought if only all parents could have the chance to see it. But then if we all did camp just wouldn’t be the same! Rachel (Gabriel Y3, Moses Y7 Self Managed Learning College, Brighton)

Parents! We will be having our final parent team meeting next week on Wednesday morning in the quiet room after drop off. We will be discussing a number of things, including the parent reps for next year. All parents are welcome, so come along if you’d like to get involved or just find out what we do. We also hope to make a start on tidying up the quiet room, so extra help appreciated!  Lydia (Nick Y2 & Katie N)

Reports will be out next week, there’ll be an opportunity to speak to teachers if you wishe to the following week. Look out for sign up sheets outside classrooms.

Later Years: What a busy and fairly wet two weeks we’ve had in Later Years! LNS Camp 2016 was thoroughly enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Children and adults kept up their spirits and showed great resilience with the stormy and wet weather! HUGE thanks go to our parent volunteers that help to make LNS camp so successful; Joanna Henderson, Rachel Barnard-Seidel, Lucie Simon, Sarah Robinson, Adrian Cole, Leo Sedgley, Anita Bhardwaj and Nimmy Burke. Without your dedication and commitment, we would not be so well fed, watered and warmed!

We arrived back from camp with a full week of events such as the Y6s making their PATINA costumes in the style of Roy Lichtenstein, the Y5s working with our student teacher Jamie on designing super heroes, and all of Middle and Later years preparing for and competing in District Sports at Priory School on Friday.

We have also continued to reflect on our learning journey through the year by reading our reports and sharing our own self-evaluations through our Learner Profiles. Anne-Marie, Tina & Louise

Middle Years: This week we have been reflecting on our amazing experiences at camp and remembering our favourite moments. We shared one of the games we learnt called ‘Human Chess’ with Y2, to welcome them as they prepare for their move across the playground! It’s proved quite popular and has encouraged us to learn more team games to play together as a class. We’ve also been reflecting on the year and thinking about how we would like to organise our time next year. Clare drew a timetable on the board and we made a list of all the different things we do. We talked about how much time we have to work on different things and together agreed how we’d like our week to look in September. We’ve been getting ready to go to District Sports and looking forward to the events planned! We are working towards finishing our project and getting ready for the end of the school year. We can’t believe there are only two and half weeks left! Wishing you all a great weekend 🙂 Clare, Corinna & Ondine

**Early Years Linklater Trip postponed from Monday to Tuesday**

Reception & Early Years: On Wednesday we had a transition morning so Y2 children visited their new class and Clare, while the Y1 and Reception children stayed with Heather. Earlier in the week they had taken a vote to decide what type of activity they would like to do during their transition morning. Cooking came out on top, so they spent the morning using their senses to explore a variety of fruit before making fruit kebabs.

We have been learning about lines of symmetry using a variety of materials and methods. Alexi and Ana enjoyed completing the symmetry worksheets and were both very pleased with the end results. Alexi wanted his work to go in his portfolio, while Ana shared hers with the rest of the group. Jacobi, Ted, Edgar, Gabriel and Sophie built a symmetrical ramp out of blocks for Jacobi’s remote controlled car. Alongside this, Vernie, Luke and Alaric built a symmetrical home for Vernie’s hedgehog. We have used the pegboards to create patterns with 2 lines of symmetry, created butterfly paintings (led by Marly and Marla) and drawn our own symmetrical pictures – Rosemary drew Poseidon with 2 tritons. Many of the group used the Polydron to make symmetrical structures too.

Measuring has also featured in our learning this week. Some of our sunflowers have grown so tall that even Amanda cannot see the top of the plant! As a group we discussed how we might be able to measure such a tall sunflower – standing on chairs, standing on the block trolley (which is on wheels) and putting a chair on top of the blocks trolley and standing on that (Karys) were all suggestions that we vetoed due to their unsafe nature! Getting a ladder or using the ‘A’ frame were much safer options.

The measuring activity continued out in the Courtyard thanks to Harriet (Alaric). Led by Henry, a number of the group mixed paint and water into bottles that had measuring cups at the top. They measured how much liquid they could squeeze out and then poured it along the guttering.

At the end of the week we reflected on our learning, writing about the highlight of our week: ‘Me and Nick made an army’ (Jacobi) ‘…of spaceships. The spaceships were symmetrical on all sides.’ (Nick). Luke drew a picture depicting his favourite part of the week, ‘This is me playing with Vernie, building with the bricks’. ‘We made fruit kebabs and it was yummy.’ (Bay). ‘I had a great experience in school, I found out how good I am at drawing.’ (Rosemary). ‘I was doing squeezy bottles. I was measuring how much came out and pouring it.’ (Ted), ‘I was in the Courtyard and I did make blue liquid and then squeezed it into a measuring cup and then I poured it out.’ (Dash). Amanda, Heather, Lauren & Rachel

Nursery: A huge thank you to everyone who turned up and made the coffee morning such a great time. A special thanks to the parent reps who wave their magic wands to make everything run so well. It was a warm welcome to Willow, who will be the new Early Years Practitioner in September. I hope everyone had the chance to say ‘Hi’. With Willow’s wealth of experience with children’s arts projects I think we have exciting times ahead. I cannot believe how fast this term and year is going! The children are finding out and sharing the news about where they will be attending in September. Just a reminder that next week on Thursday 7th July we’re expecting the local firefighters to visit at 9.30am. All are welcome but please bear in mind you will be responsible for your own child if it’s not their usual attendance day. Have a great weekend, Julie, Anna, Emma and Sara


Tues &Weds 3.20 – 4.40pm Art & Craft David Bradford 07855038773
Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm Knitting Susan (Felix’s Granny) 01323 811942



Monday 4th July All day Rec, Y1&Y2 to Linklater Pavilion
Thursday 7th July Performances 5.30 & 7pm Dance Festival at Roedean (Y3-6)
Friday 8th July 11am PATINA Moving On Parade
Monday 11th July TBC Whole School Co-Creation Meeting
Thursday 14th July 9.30am-12pm Sports Day at The Paddock
Tuesday 19th July 2pm Y6 Leaver’s Assembly
Wednesday 20th July 12pm End of Term Picnic at Pells Park


Monday Pasta with puttanesca sauce Flapjacks
Wednesday Homity pie style bake & carrot salad Oranges & seeds
Friday Chiili nachos & homemade salsa Baked fruit salad