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Friday 20th January


At Lewes New School….. “I can be myself” This is the captivating headline for the advert that is appearing in the February edition of Viva Lewes.   It comes with an image that is equally striking, and will be one of a set of images for leaflets to be distributed to the public.When it landed on my desk what struck me about this advert was how few words are needed to convey a strong message, an emotion, and a philosophy.  It is simple, clear but slightly ambiguous.  It illustrates perfectly the importance of knowing your audience.  It will make people curious and attract like minded people.  Thanks to Emma (Finn) and Charlie (Alfie) for working on this vital piece of marketing. LindaLater Years update

This week we have been putting our final touches to our Science projects ready for exhibiting (next Wednesday 25th January from 2.45pm in the hall and in the Later Years building).

The Animal group have been busy with reflecting on our learning journey throughout the project; from our visit to the aquarium, to our skeleton workshop with Liz (Molly), to our fish dissection with Kate (Archie), our tour through the DVD ‘Earth’, our work on food chains, as well as using our art and craft skills for the exhibition itself.  We have been making animals out of straws, paper, cardboard, pipe-cleaners, plastic and clay. We have also been carefully selecting our space and materials for our final piece on multi-sensory habitats (still hush hush!).  As ever, we have been thinking about the challenges and rewards of our journey in this project and what we have learned along the way.

In the Space group we have been reflecting on the learning from this project as we prepare to share with the rest of the school next week.  We have been thinking about scientific language and experiments.

The chemistry group have been planning their science exhibition and rounding up the project ready to share. The group visited Priory School on Wednesday and tested different gases using glowing and flaming splints. We really enjoyed using Bunsen burners and visiting a real science lab! We had to work out if the different gasses in test tubes were Oxygen, Hydrogen or Carbon dioxide. Each gas reacted differently when exposed to a flame. We are looking forward to sharing our project! Anne-Marie

Early Years update

The very frosty start to the week lengthened our theme of seasons and we all enjoyed a brisk stomp around the frozen pond, taking in our surroundings using all the senses (except taste!) to experience it.  Some of the children were inspired to create their own ‘frosty’ pictures and the class shared their experiences to create a winter acrostic poem.  At the end of last week we all agreed on a group project, interestingly named ‘Deadly 60’, its name is coined from the CBBC programme which documents animals from around the world with certain ‘deadly’ characteristics.  It was agreed that our project might develop into more than just deadly animals, with some children being interested in making a ‘cutest 60’ project.  Work began in earnest yesterday with books from the library and internet pages being scanned for facts.  Some of the children have chosen to create models of their animals using clay and some have chosen to create fact-file style posters of their animals.  Any information books/DVDs etc are welcomed if you have any at home!  Lydia

Nursery:  Play-dough has continued to be a predominant feature in our learning this week, whether it’s been playing with the dough from last week or making more batches. It’s been fascinating to watch how this has broadened the social skills of the group.   As well as learning the art of sharing, waiting, and negotiating your turn, it has brought children who wouldn’t normally interact with each other together. Activities such as this have such great value for all area of children’s learning and development. Amanda


Communicating with KidsStephanie Davies-Arai (a founder of the school) will be running two of her highly respected communication skills for parents’ courses from the end of this month on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  If you would like to book a place, please find information in the office or on the notice board.

Mobile phones

A few children are bringing mobile phones into school. If your child needs a phone for after school use please can they take it to the school office to be looked after, and collect it at the end of the day. Children do not need a phone during the day and in any emergency they can of course contact you through the office.


If your child brings any toys or equipment to school we cannot guarantee that they will not be lost or damaged. We often talk to children about looking after property, and if a child wishes to borrow something from another child they are expected to ask permission.  Please could you remind your child about this.  Thank you.

Media Folder

We are starting a “Media Folder” in the Quiet Room for people to insert articles about alternative ways of education, or reasons for alternative methods.  This way we can all refer to it, or add to it, for inspiration and guidance. Please do look up articles that we can put into it, or if you see anything in the papers or magazines…. please pop it in!  Thanks, Karen (Alfie).

Spare mugs?

If you have a spare mug in your kitchen cupboard that isn’t chipped, (you know….. that “Superman” one), please would you kindly take it to the school kitchen and swap it for a chipped old stained mug, and then dispose of that one in an appropriate way. Ta!

School Clubs
Tuesdays Football Club 3.30 – 4.30pm
Wednesdays Netball Club 3.30 – 4.30pm
Thursdays Chess Club 3.30 – 4.30pm


Date Dishes
Monday Vegetable stir-fried noodles
Wednesday Lasange and salad
Friday Hotdogs, cucumber and carrot sticks