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Friday 21st October 2016

***Happy Half term everyone! See you back at school on Tuesday 1st November*** 

Yesterday was a wonderful day to return to work after a difficult week trying to negotiate (without success) an appropriate care package for my frail and failing Mum. I now have first hand experience that the care system is stretched to its limit! How fantastic then to return to a well planned and carefully organised day of Autumn activities. Here was a really good example of co-creation in action. There were four ‘experts’ running workshops supported by staff and parents. The workshops were practical and designed so that all could join in and create. Staff had vertically grouped the children so that Later Years were working with Early Years. There was a real feeling of everyone having a role and of taking responsibility for ensuring the success of each activity. Everyone was interested, engaged, focussed and motivated. We all experienced a feeling of achievement and wanted to share the outcomes of our efforts with each other. The soup and bread-making group provided us with lunch; the bug hotel group have provided us with two intriguing and attractive additional structures in the playground to develop our interest and knowledge of mini-beasts; the pin hole camera group have introduced to us a whole new art form, and the autumn foragers created some really carefully crafted clay creatures that I feel sure others will want to replicate. Thanks to all who came at the end of the day to join in our informal sharing assembly, and thanks too to you for your generous donations to the food bank. It is a privilege to lead a school with such a supportive and active community who co-create such wonderful enriching opportunities for our children. Linda 

Thank you! Huge thanks to all the parents who helped make our Autumn Workshops and celebrations such a success. Thanks too to everyone who so generously supported our local Foodbank, the Poppy Appeal and the children’s Great Ormond Street fundraising efforts. Apologies for not having any pumpkins to sell – apparently, the late spring was to blame! Look out for The Hearth’s flour in aid of refugees after half term! Sarah

PET Course coming soon! Lowri will be starting another course in Parent Effectiveness Training on Tuesday mornings from Tuesday 15th November, 9am-12pm. For those that can’t make it to a daytime session, Karen will run an evening course from her house in Stanmer Park, starting around the same time, on an evening to be confirmed according to participants needs. The course will run for 9 weeks and is highly recommended! If you have any questions, or to register your interest, email sarah.thomas@lewesnewschool.co.uk or sign up on the sheet in the office. Sarah 

Winter fair! If anyone expects to spend anytime wandering around the local shops and cafes during half term, please do check in with Helen about asking for raffle prizes for the winter fair. Email Helen on helenpage99@hotmail.com

Later Years: In Later years this week we have been exploring the theme of Autumn in our Communication work- thinking about rhyme, rhythm and figurative language when writing our own poetry. Some of the children were so pleased with their poems that they shared them in our Autumn assembly. Some of the children in Alison’s group organised a bake sale to raise money for their chosen charity. Home-made cakes were in abundance and enjoyed by many after our assembly on Thursday. The children made a profit of over £50- congratulations to the team and thank you to those who purchased their delights.

In our Maths work we continue to explore units of measurements- this week looking at area and perimeter, time and distance through word problems and calculating area and perimeter of certain shapes. In our Weaponry project we have been thinking about how to design our own model wooden replicas of weapons throughout time to see if they are feasible to actually make after half-term. We have also continued with our own individual interests in the project which range from the French Revolution to Ninjas and trench warfare during WW1.We are looking forward to our trip to Newhaven Fort on the first day back after half term where we’ll be able to re-live the experience of being in a Blitz shelter and what life was like on the home front during WW2. Don’t forget to make your gas-mask boxes and identity labels during half term as well as thinking about how you will come dressed in that era for the visit itself. Happy half term. Anne-Marie, Alison and Louise

Middle Years: Huge thanks to Sophie’s Grandad William Page for sharing with us his experiences of life without sight. William had a rare form if blindness so he cannot see light at all. Only three in 100 blind people actually see nothing in this way. It was amazing to hear how he manages life from cooking family meals to travelling to London. Talk to us to find out more! Looking forward to the visit to Newhaven Fort to find out more about how people lived during the war. See you all in 1940’s dress on Tuesday 1st November! Have a great half term! Clare, Heather, Lauren & Ondine 

Reception & Early Years: This week I have… Been doing painting like the Egyptians and how they made the paint (Gabriel); learnt a new song – it was quiet good in the hall (Jacobi), learnt a new song called harvest samba, I loved it! (Rosemary); played ancient Egyptian doctors we made medicine out of things like raw pasta, and Marla brought in some ingredients like herbs and spices and I had a great time singing harvest samba, I loved the beat of the song! (Henry); I made a pyramid out of clay and brought it into school. I was really proud of it and wanted to share it with the rest of the class (Edward); I enjoyed making the pin hole cameras (Bay); I enjoyed writing my book with Karys – Peter rabbit pop, pop, pop pop! Kiss kiss kiss kiss! (Marla); this week I brought my thunderbirds. I only got to bring my thunderbird one in and so I brought my thunderbird 2! (Rex); I made bird feeders in the nursery, I was really pleased with the way they looked (Rachel); I have learnt that the Egyptians made paint out of minerals and other stuff (Katy); I made a pin hole camera… I’m a wizard and I can turn you into a frog! (Alaric); this is the growing shark there’s a maze that you have to go around (Vernie); I drew a picture of the whole school with the gates open and then with the gates (Jazz). Some of the children chose not to comment today. Happy half term! Amanda, Rachel & Willow

Nursery: It seems like so much has happened in just one week. We started by using plaster of paris to mend bones, which led to connections being made to the children’s own ribcages. Charlie and Clara puffed up their chests to let the other children see and let some feel their bones, and then we constructed a huge ribcage! Meanwhile Neveah, Mishkalah and Dahlan acted out being doctors and using the x-ray machine to check for any broken bones…I think they were all fine! Whilst singing the song ‘Dem bones’ Wilfie wanted to say that the song he’d heard at home had different words, they were subtle yet significant changes that was clearly important to share. At the end of the week we joined in with the seasonal activities by making some pine cone bird feeders, thanks to Mishkalah and his family for providing the very large pine cones. I hope everyone has a great half term holiday, Julie (and Heather and Rachel!)


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Tues 1st Nov 8.55am Back to school

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