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Friday 23rd September 2016

After LNS

As most of you know, my daughter has recently made the transition from Lewes New School to our local secondary school. And, as I’m sure most of you will also know, this has been a source of some concern for me over the years! Isobel had been at LNS for all of her primary school years – joining way back in her pre-school year. Things were a little different then! The cabin was empty – it had been a studio for a local artist but he’d just moved out so the building could be renovated to house the nursery. Amanda was the ‘kindergarten’ teacher, but the children rubbed shoulders with older children in reception and year 1. Isobel’s time at LNS wasn’t always easy. There were some tricky learning issues to contend with, occasional friendship issues to overcome. For a while, getting her to school was a challenge.

I realise now how lucky I’ve been to sit in the position I do. I’ve got to know the staff at LNS very well, so it’s easy for me to trust that their intention is always good. It’s ALL about the children at LNS – not about delivering a curriculum, getting to the top of the league tables or meeting any other target. I’ve worked in all sorts of different environments over the years – including other schools – and I can honestly say I’ve NEVER met a group of other people who care as much as the people I work alongside at LNS. And ultimately, for my children, that is what I wanted most.

So, seven years on, and I’m full of admiration for my own daughter as she packs her bag each morning and takes full responsibility for getting on with the task at hand. It’s very early days but, so far at least, she’s taking it all in her stride. I wish I could say I always knew she would, but this wasn’t something I ever took for granted!

I’m proud of my daughter, of course. But I’m also immensely proud of all the other children that go through LNS and go on to grasp the opportunities and challenges that life brings their way. This year, LNS alumni Malachi is Head Boy at Priory. Last year, Reuben was Head Boy at Ringmer. The year before that, Riah was Head Girl at Priory too! This is a seriously impressive record for a very small school. We’ve just heard that for the third or fourth year running some of our cohort of alumni have received a full house of As and A*s for their GCSEs. This isn’t the way we measure ‘success’ at LNS, but it’s reassuring to know that those kids that are academically minded aren’t in any way held back by being allowed to follow the ebb and flow of their learning through their primary years. I don’t know whether my own daughter will get top marks at secondary school, but I do know that she’s developing as an emotionally mature, sensitive and thoughtful young person. And for that, I will always be truly grateful for the care and support she received during her years at LNS. Sarah

Shelter Building: Next Thursday, Early Years will be rebuilding the playground shelter that blew down in a storm last Easter holiday.  The shelter is a modified replica of some of the refugee shelters built in Calais in the last year and will be for the whole school for play, shelter and more…

The build is open to people outside of the school as part of this year’s Making Lewes festival, and the designer, architecture student Julien Belart, will be speaking as part of an evening of talks on Humanitarian architecture at the Turkish Baths in Lewes on the 1st of October (19:30- 20:00), see www.makinglewes.org for more information. If you know someone outside the school who is interested in joining in on the build, please have them contact the office so that we can plan numbers. We are looking for volunteers to help, hammers to borrow, and bottle caps for washers.  Please let Amanda Lucy or myself know if you would be interested in helping either on the day or before hand to collect materials. Thank you, Ursula (Rosemary, Y1) 07736065167

Mum’s night out: Fliss (Wilfie and Henry) and Helen (Sammy and Sophie) will be in the Elephant and Castle on Saturday 1st October from 8pm. If any mums would like to join them then that would be lovely!  Fliss 07852975661 and Helen 07760254856

Sports Club is starting again! Wednesdays 3.15 – 4.15pm for Years 3-6. Huge thanks to Barney for agreeing to come back and run this club, even though his children have moved on from LNS. Please pop into the office to sign your child up or text Barney on 07837 632070 for more info. It’s really important that if you child agrees to attend they are committed to participating fully, as they will not be supervised in the playground if they’re not taking part.

Art Club also starts again next week. Tuesdays and Wednesday 3.20-4.40pm for Years 2-6. Contact David Bradford on 07855 038773 or davidbradford0@gmail.com to book a plan or for more details.

Later Years: This week in Later years we dived straight into improving our swimming skills in PE, learning about probability in Maths, exploring ideas for our collaborative Weaponry project, revising and extending our story writing skills and launching our projects in year 6 and year 5 respectively! With Alison we have also been thinking about what makes an effective learning community by examining our Learner Profile and using it to try and set ourselves challenging advice for the coming year. These include; Kaziah- ‘Think and slow down’, Loui- ‘be kind and generous’, Lumin- ‘be the wolf not the sheep’, Raven- ‘Enjoy the hard things in life’, Jude- ‘be positive’, Benjy- ‘try something new’, Ollie-‘ have fun everyday’, Jonah- ‘ never stop having fun’, Charlie- ‘follow your dreams’, James- ‘explore the unknown’, Kitty- ‘think big and achieve your wildest dreams’, Mayan-‘ you only live once’, Summer-‘ be open minded’, Cassia- ‘be creative and take risks’, Max- ‘stay up and think deep’, Luca- ‘don’t stop smiling’, Alissandra- ‘Make waves, sometimes you have to’, Daisy-‘ don’t stop believing’, Sophia-‘ don’t be afraid to be you’. Perhaps you at home, can find examples of your children living up to their own advice over the year!! Anne-Marie & Louise

Middle Years: This week we have been getting into the swing of writing workshops. We investigated a range of chapter books to see how different authors opened their stories, reading just the first few lines of a number of works. We noticed how many authors took the reader straight into their stories before describing settings or characters in any detail. We will continue to develop our narrative work next week. We’ve also started to develop our choosing time, current interests include: magic tricks, mask making, Garage Band (making electronic music compositions), practising football skills, comic book designing, and investigating ‘big cats’. We’ve started to direct our attention to our collaborative project work too, exploring potential ideas. So far we’ve considered extreme weather, outdoor survival, and life during WW2 – under the theme of survival (thinking about how people manage life when faced with unexpected challenges or unusual conditions). Let’s see where these thoughts take us next week! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, Clare, Lauren & Ondine

Reception & Early Years: At the start of the week we brainstormed what we would like to learn about the Egyptians. Some of the questions we want to answer include: Why do they not use letters? If you were writing in times of Ancient Egypt what would the letters look like? Why did they wrap the dead in bandages and why did they bury them in tombs? Why did they mummify mummies? Where do they make mummies these days? Why were they buried in certain places and why did they take their brains out? Why do they take everything out of the body but not the heart? Did you know they took the organs out of the body and put them in jars that had animal heads on the top, what are those jars called? Why did they build pyramids (Marla) and what were their houses made of?  And, why did they have a half cat half human guarding the pyramids? Other areas of interest include what types of potions were made? What the Egyptians did for entertainment – dance, hold banquets?

In response to these questions we have been exploring hieroglyphs and learning to write our name using symbols. We discovered the name of the pharaoh was highlighted by putting a line around the symbols, this was called a cartouche. We made our cartouches by carving our names into plaster of Paris tablets.  Some of us went on to learn about the number system, the Egyptians only used 7 symbols to depict their entire system.  Some of us have been exploring making artifacts from clay and we’ve made mummies, coffins, organs and Canopic jars. Other activities have included researching the life and times of the Egyptians, building pyramids, digging for treasure and artifacts in the soil and mummifying some of our toys. Amanda, Rachel & Willow

Nursery: Huge ‘Thank you’ to all who attended and made the coffee afternoon such a special time. It was wonderful to see how much the children had grown and hear their adventures. It was great to see and welcome our new parents too. An additional ‘Thanks’ to our Parent Reps, Mandi and Helen, who worked so hard to bring it all together and finally to Fliss (Wilfie) who performed gingerbread miracles on the day. Although its still very early days, I’d just like to mention that during this week there has been some tender and considerate acts between the children, where they have offered help or support towards each other. Very heart-warming moments! Julie


Tues & Weds Art Club Contact David Bradford on 07855 038773 or davidbradford0@gmail.com
Wednesdays Sports Club Sign up in office or text Barney Kaufmann on 07837 632070



Sun 25th Sept All Day Governors’ and Trustees’ Annual Retreat
Mon 26th Sept 9.15-10.30am Parent Team Meeting (Quiet Room)
Mon 26th Sept 2.30-3.15pm Later Years (Y5&6) parent/ teacher info meeting
Tues 27th Sept 8.40am Years 3-6 Swimming, Lewes Leisure Centre
Tues 27th Sept 3.20-4.40 Art Club starts (Art Room)
Weds 28th Sept 2.30-3.15pm Middle Years (Y3&4) parent/ teacher info meeting
Weds 28th Sept 3.20-4.15pm Sports Club starts (playground)
Thurs 29th Sept From 9.30am Shelter Building in the playground – parent help welcome! NB NEW DATE!
Thurs 29th Sept 2.30-3.15pm Early Years (Rec, Y1&2) parent/ teacher info meeting
Weds 5th Oct 10am-12pm Open Morning
Thurs 20th Oct PM (Time TBC) Harvest Celebrations
Friday 21st Oct 3.15pm Break up for half term
Tuesday 1st Nov 8.55am Back to school


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