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Friday 24th June 2016

I am constantly amazed by the support that you (parents, governors, trustees. Friends, and others) give to the school. You really do take the welfare of the school (staff and all) to heart. I want to take a moment to say ‘thank you’.

This week has seen a meeting and short tour of the school by our Trustees and some members of the board of GHFP who have supported the school for many years. This group of people give regular time and energy to ensuring that the school continues to meet its aims and fulfil its mission. The school wouldn’t exist without them and benefits in many ways from their interest and expertise.

Then on Saturday the Summer Fair ‘miraculously’ appeared in all its festive glory. The playground was throbbing with hip hop music and there was musical instrument making, face painting, making a marble run, and much more to enjoy. Our wonderful Jax (Phoebe and Jaz) had, along with a fantastic parent team, put together an afternoon of entertainment and fun for all of us to enjoy. It was a delight to be there with my granddaughter and see so many people enjoying our amazing community. I know how much time thought and effort goes into this event. Thank you.

The big make for Patina is well underway and every year the year six parents work alongside their children to help with this important rite of passage to secondary education. The art room and meeting room are a hive of activity with a team of parents busy with willow, tissue paper and glue creating the most amazing structures. What a wonderful opportunity for working together.

As I write this Later Years are on camp, probably having had a vey soggy and sleepless night under canvas! Year in year out yet another team of parents give up time and their home comforts to run the kitchen, keep the fire stoked and generally make sure that camp runs smoothly and is a wonderful experience for the children. This is yet another huge commitment of time, but essential to cementing that feeling of belonging.

There are many other examples throughout the year of our community co-operating, co-creating and making a difference together. Thank you for all your support in whichever way you give it. I couldn’t do my job without it. Linda


School was eerily quiet this Wednesday – with the lack of later years chatter and hum in the air – but I had the pleasure of making crumble with early years. This was such a treat and it was great to catch up with them on a deeper level than lunch-serving time. It confirmed to me what a great bunch they are and they all listened and skillfully made a crumble that would make any dinner sing. They took turns in making the crumble and respected each other when it was their turn. Preparing food is always a great time for talking so we laughed and talked about our favourite fruits, what is the best biscuit, how funny the flour and butter felt and the nice bread-like smell of the mix. Proper fun stuff!!! And what kitchens should be full of. Next we are going to make pizza – so watch this space!!!!” Jack


On Monday a couple of children started drawing pictures of what it looks and feels like not being heard. There were different responses from feeling ‘sad’ to ‘I like it’. The following day, after listening to the discussions, Katie approached staff with masking tape over her mouth, and then explained “You can’t hear her when she has tape on her mouth”. Throughout the sessions we used opportunities to make connections about this question and how it impacts on each other. Later in the week Sara and Rachel started practicing activities for Sports Day, which will be held on the 14th of July. Huge thank you to anyone who donated clothes, we now have plenty of clothes but could still do with a few pairs of socks and wellies. Next Thursday we are having a coffee morning from 11.15am-12pm. Hopefully it will provide an opportunity to meet the newest member to the Nursery team – Willow. Have a great weekend, Julie, Anna, Emma, Sara and Rachel!


Tues &Weds 3.20 – 4.40pm Art & Craft David Bradford 07855038773
Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm Knitting Susan (Felix’s Granny) 01323 811942


Thursday 30th June 11.15am-12pm Nursery Coffee Morning
Friday 1st July 12-4pm District Sports (Years 3-6, Lewes Athletic Track)
Monday 4th July All day Rec, Y1&Y2 to Linklater Pavilion
Thursday 7th July TBC Dance Festival at Roedean (Y3-6)
Friday 8th July 11am PATINA Moving On Parade
Monday 11th July TBC Whole School Co-Creation Meeting
Thursday 14th July 9.30am-12pm Sports Day at The Paddock
Tuesday 19th July 2pm Y6 Leaver’s Assembly
Wednesday 20th July 12pm End of Term Picnic at Pells Park


Monday Super redder-than-red pasta & carrot salad Oranges & seeds
Wednesday Sweet potato couscous, & Moroccan chickpea stew Seedy flapjacks
Friday Baked potato, homemade baked beans & Jack’s crunchy coleslaw Fruity crumble