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Friday 24th March 2017

It has been quite an amazing week in many ways. After Linda and I shared the news of Linda’s change in role with the children on Friday, one of our children came and found me to ask me how I felt about this. I thought this was a lovely question and one that I would never have encountered in another school. I said that when I thought about the new role I got very excited but then at other times I felt quite fearful of what the role meant and if I would be able to achieve it. They nodded, in a very serious way, and said that this was how they sometimes felt at school when they were working. I asked them how they managed this. They said they asked their friends for help, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world and that I was being quite silly not to know this!

Then the other day when I was walking through one of the classrooms, one of the children stopped me to tell me that they thought the idea of me being the Interim Head was a good one. When I asked them why they thought this, they said it was because I listened to the children. Two other children then joined the conversation and with great seriousness added that not only did I listen but also I asked children what they thought and did not just do what I wanted!

The final thing this week was that I was given a wonderful book. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a passion for children’s books. It was called ‘Angela Sprocket’s Pockets’. The story is about a person who seems to have whatever people need in one of her many pockets – be it a hat, a swimming costume, or an umbrella. As I read the book and enjoyed the illustrations, it made me think about the many demands and needs that are made of a head and how very beautifully Linda seemed to manage these on so many occasions. I hope that I will be able to do the same for this amazing community and if I cannot I will follow the advice of one of our wisest children. I will ask my friends. Alison

At this week’s Whole School Meeting we focussed on marketing and fundraising. We decided that rather than ‘marketing’ the term ‘storytelling’ was a more appropriate banner for our activities. With this in mind we will be inviting parents (and their children) to share their stories about LNS and education. These could be about your reasons for choosing the school, your experiences prior to LNS and those since you have been at the school. The aim is to go beyond traditional testimonials and help to demonstrate the diversity of the parents and students who attend the school. I will be writing the first one and we will aim to have a series with a new story every week. These will appear on our lovely new website (which will hopefully be ready in a week or so!) and will also be shared on social media.

We are also setting up a social media working group, which will meet monthly to agree on priorities and content to be shared, as well as spreading the workload of monitoring and updating various channels. If you would like to help us promote the school to a wider community then please come along to our meeting next Monday 27th March after drop-off in the quiet room. If you can’t make the meeting but would like to contribute or help then please catch me in the playground or email me on felicityjbull@outlook.com. Everyone who is on social media can also help by liking and sharing new content as we create it. Fliss (Wilfie Nursery & Henry Y2)

The next Whole School Meetings (Fundraising and Marketing) will be on Monday 24th April, 7-9pm. All are welcome. If anyone would like to support these exciting initiatives but can’t make it to the meetings email sarah.thomas@lewesnewschool and I’ll put you in touch.

Easter Holiday Sports Adventure Wednesdays: Filling up fast so to be sure of a place please do pre-register. Weds 5th April is FEET, Weds 12th is HANDS and Weds 19th is BAT AND BALL. Book any or all. All sessions are at Lewes New School, 9.30-4.30pm, £20 per day payable on the day. All profits fund the purchase of sports equipment. Book asap indicating date(s) required and name(s) of children (Y3-6, younger and older by arrangement please). Mark (Edgar Y3) perryman@mac1.net or 07957 416257


Later Years: It’s been a week for congratulating this week in Later Years. Last Friday, girls and boys from years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a 1.7km cross country run in Ringmer. 10 schools took part overall and the LNS boys team came 5th and the LNS girls team came 3rd – a wonderful achievement! Huge congratulations to all the children that took part.

Next, we have congratulations to offer to the Y6s who baked for the last time this week as part of running their own enterprises to fund raise for their participation in the PATINA moving on parade this year. After a term of baking, negotiating, collaborating and budgeting, we can announce that we have raised £600 of the £880 needed! Everyone has worked really hard and we’d like to thank the community for investing in our delights as well as in our endeavors. Now it’s over to the PARENT part of PATINA to try and raise the rest of the amount with a Curry n Quiz night for adults next term. Please let Anne-Marie or Loran know if you can help.

Finally, further congratulations are in order for children in Y6 who entered the Jacques Emery essay writing competition (Jess, Daisy, Summer, Loui, Kitty and Kaziah). These children discussed their thoughts on ‘Are men and women equal in today’s world?‘ in 500 words. I think all entries were well thought through and showed individual styles. However, the judging panel who read over 80 essays from children throughout the Lewes region, deemed Loui’s essay the overall winner! Congratulations to Loui! Feedback form the panel explained that they felt Loui’s discussion of the question was very individual, using his direct experience of gender inequalities in different settings. His essay will now go through to the National finals, good luck Loui!

Note: Book and Maths clubs next week will be led by teachers. Anne-Marie, Ian, Louise & Ondine

Later Years would like to invite parents to share in our work over the last term, in Maths, Communication, Portfolios and our Evolution project, on Thursday 24th April from 2.30pm.

 Middle Years: This week has been very busy as we’ve been working hard to prepare for our parent consultations, completing our independent research and compiling our fact books as much as possible ready to share. It’s been really challenging at times working independently but we’ve got a lot out of it and feel very proud of our work. Our research has inspired us to go on to create Powerpoint presentations, and not only have we learned very quickly how to use the software but we’ve also been learning how to use slides to actually give a presentation ourselves. There is so much to share with you all, we need a little longer to organise our work, so we plan to hold an exhibition at the beginning of the summer term. Thank you to everyone for the very positive consultations over the course of the week. Have a great weekend, Clare & Lauren

Early Years: There has been a buzz around the class to create and act out stories. We have a number of stories on the go at the moment:

The Chipmunks: A family of chipmunks who mainly sleep, eat and adopt more babies. Some of the chipmunks have protective powers such as invisibility and the power of deflection; they also have a friend called Griffin to protect the family if they come under attack!

The Alien of Doom story is based on an alien vampire called Alien Takeover. The story starts with Alien Takeover creeping up the stairs and getting into Suzy’s toy box where his two accomplices, Alien Adventure/Laser Wizza and Evil Girl, join him. They jump out of the box and scare Suzy (who was fast asleep in bed). At the end of the chapter they feel ‘bad and sad’ for scaring Suzy so they use their lasers to cast a spell to send her back to sleep and they repair any damage they have done so that when she wakes up she thinks it was all a bad dream.

The third story titled Red Panda, is a story about two red pandas who are best friends, they live together on the branches of a tree and spent most of the night sleeping and most of the day being sluggish and bitey! They look after each other because they don’t have big families to look after them.

Towards the end of the week a small group were researching what the dimensions of a snow leopard are. Their conversation led to the idea of us adopting a snow leopard. A number of the children already know that it costs £3 a month. They came up with the idea of making and selling loom band bracelets to fund the venture. We are still looking at the practicalities of this but watch this space for future fund raising events. Amanda, Rachel & Jack

Nursery: At the end of last week dens began to be constructed and more animals emerged. After having their face painted Clara and Nevaeh became ‘Rainbow Kittens’, so we started this week by listening to Eric Carle’s story ‘The Artist Who Painted a Horse Blue’. We looked at how Eric Carle used a collage of vivid colours to create his imagery and this challenged us to consider how we might represent different animal’s colours and skin. On paper, we began painting a wide range of colours and gluing different textures that will form some of our animal creations. On a more philosophical tack, we began thinking about the question, ‘are animals good for us?’ I’ll let you know! Julie, Anna, Emma & Jack


Monday Netball Anna annacole.uk@gmail.com or Lucie lucie.ash@somnowell.com
Tues & Weds Art Club David Bradford 07855 038773 or davidbradford0@gmail.com
Weds Sports Club Mark 07957 416257 perryman@mac1.net
Thurs Knitting Susan on 01323 811942 or sign up in the office
Thurs only! After School Club Contact Fliss on felicityjbull@outlook.com or 07852 975661 to book


Mon 27th March 9.15-10.15am Social Media Working Group (Quiet Room)
Tues 28th March   EY Trip
Thur 30th March 2.30pm-3.15pm Year 5 Play, all welcome
Fri 31st March 3.15pm End of term
Mon 24th April 8.55am Back to school
Mon 24th April 7-9pm Whole School Meeting (Marketing & Fundraising). All welcome


Monday Shepherd-less pie (no shepherds harmed in the creation) Flappy Jacks flapjack
Wednesday Pasta Puttanesca (aka reddd pasta!!!!!) Oranges and seeds
Friday It’s end of term so… iitss pizza!!! As made by cookery workshop xx Crumble for pud to feel good