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Friday 30th September 2016

Last Sunday our governors and trustees gave up their free time to come together to discuss school development. These two groups of people take responsibility for the strategic development of the school and ensure that the school is adhering to its ethos and values. They are very much your eyes, ears, voice and conscience, and as such the quality of discourse and discussion is high.

During the day we reviewed our school development plan and celebrated our achievements. We discussed the findings from the surveys that you had all completed way back in July, and we spent some time in the afternoon grappling with how to manage the issue that all schools have of shifting numbers.

It was a privilege to sit with so many committed and thoughtful people. The variety of expertise around the table was extraordinary. But more than anything the love, care and pride in what the school offers was incredible. With this group of people the school is in very safe hands.

As a follow up we met again on Wednesday evening. This was a meeting where energy and enthusiasm were in abundance and actions were crystallised and agreed. What took place over the two meetings was a perfect example of co-creation, where the thoughts, feelings and actions of the group become a powerful mix to weave the magic that is our school. (If you don’t know who our governors and trustees are the information is on our website). Linda

Mum’s night out: Fliss (Wilfie and Henry) and Helen (Sammy and Sophie) will be in the Elephant and Castle on Saturday 1st October from 8pm. If any mums would like to join them then that would be lovely!  Fliss 07852975661 and Helen 07760254856

Many thanks to all those who managed to come to the class parent meetings last week.

Later Years: In our project work this week we have been looking at how historians classify History into eras and we have been creating our own weaponry and defence timeline. We have examined the terms B.C and A.D and why they have now been changed to B.C.E and A.C.E. We have also been pursuing our individual interests in the project through research as well as designing and building mini-models looking at mechanics and propulsion. If there are any parents out there who think they can contribute to our project in any way, please do come and let us know.

In Maths work we have been exploring ratio and proportion and in our Communication work we are extending our knowledge of complex punctuation and language in our creative story writing that engages and stimulates the reader.

The Y6s are continuing with their individual projects and their homework this week is focussing on artistic work linked to their theme. Whilst the year 6s are busy with their projects, the Y5s are working with Louise and Barney exploring and extending their computing skills in designing and making Powerpoints linked to our Weaponry project. Tina came in to say goodbye to the class on Thursday and we shared stories and experiences with her. We wish her all the best in her new ventures – we will miss her.

Lucie (Sophia & Dylan) has expressed an interest in continuing Netball club this term but she can’t run it on her own. Are any parents willing to help run it as a team/ partnership? We have Netball League matches coming up in October and November so extra Netball practice outside of PE lessons would be invaluable to the team. Please let us know. Anne-Marie & Louise

Middle Years: This week we have thought a little deeper about our emerging collaborative theme ‘survival’/ ‘life’s challenges’. Many of us are interested in how people lived through WW2 (the social history of the war). You can’t beat first person accounts, so if any one has any relatives who lived through WW2 that might be willing to come into school, please get in touch! We are also interested in extreme weather and it’s impact as part of our class project. The Lost City of Pompeii came up – so next week we will investigate this to find out exactly what happened to this great city! We’ve also thought about our rescue cat ‘Black Cat’ and what it’s like to be blind or partially sighted (as Black Cat’s vision is very limited). We are keen to find out more about guide dogs and how people manage without their sight. We are looking forward to this project taking off! Wishing you all a great weekend, Clare, Lauren & Ondine

Reception & Early Years: This week we hosted our first school assembly. In preparation some of us explored and made Egyptian style jewellery, which included crowns, collars, headdresses and bracelets. Some of us worked on a large decorative painting of a scarab bottle, while others practiced reenacting a short story. The assembly went really well with many of the group standing up in front of the audience to share what they have learnt about Ancient Egypt so far e.g. making cartouches, writing in hieroglyphs, learning about the number system and the mummification process, sharing our artwork and performing their reenactment of the story of creation. We received some very positive feedback from the older children, including “It was the best assembly I’ve ever been to!”

Also this week we have rebuilt the shelter in the playground. This required us to use our maths skills to organise pieces of wood by their thickness and length and work together in teams to manoeuvre the pieces into place before hammering nails into the wood to make a secure, steady structure. The build wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of parent volunteers who spent the day standing out in the rain hammering away, so a massive ‘Thank you’ to you guys. There is still plenty to do to finish the shelter off so we will continue with this next week. Amanda, Rachel & Willow

Nursery: A busy week in the nursery as the children shared and used the remote toy Wall-e, controlling its movements and directing the toy around a large blank sheet. When it stopped rectangles were drawn around it. Later this was used to form outlines, which were coloured in with acetate to create a decorative cloak for the robot. Most of the children created their own robot models using Duplo and Charlie said his robot did recycling! Following on from this, we recycled some cardboard boxes to make a large robot, many wanted to paint it and each other too! Looking inside the robot some children wanted to add wires, which led to looking at a circuit experiment and representing it with drawings and pipe cleaners. Just to mention I will be off next Monday and Rachel will be covering. Have a great weekend, Julie


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Weds 5th Oct 10am-12pm Open Morning
Monday 10th Oct 3.30pm-4.45pm Netball league at Priory
Thurs 20th Oct PM (Time TBC) Harvest Celebrations
Friday 21st Oct 3.15pm Break up for half term
Tuesday 1st Nov 8.55am Back to school


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Wednesday Stir fry and noodles Fruit
Friday Super red pasta (boooooom!) Apple crumble