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Friday 4th November 2016

***PET Courses starting 15th November. Don’t forget to sign up in the office please!!!***

 We’ve been talking about ‘co-creation’ again this week, with the team who gathered after our whole school meetings last year. (We’ll be calling another meeting very soon so do watch this space!) One of the things we’ve discussed at length is how we, as a community, can ensure we communicate in a way that encourages everyone to feel a sense of belonging, inclusion and participation. It’s tricky, of course, as we all have different needs and opinions. Over the years the school has tried and developed various tools and processes, but we acknowledged this week that one of the finest of all is this Friday Letter! We feel a tremendous sense of achievement that week after week we put together some thoughtful words, important notices, community events and dates for your diary, alongside updates of all that’s gone on in every class. It’s not high tech and it’s not perfect – but it’s ours. And by ‘ours’ we mean all of us! So please do get in touch if you’d like to offer some inspiration to the community and share your thoughts. We welcome your contributions. Linda & Sarah

Winter Fair Update: Only 4 weeks to go!  Everyone is welcome to get involved at the Winter Fair meeting next Tuesday after drop off.  And if you can’t make it to the meeting, don’t despair, there are many and varied opportunities to pitch in, even if you can’t make it on the day. We’re taking a proactive approach to organising this fair, so expect to be asked if you haven’t already offered to help! Lydia

Football help? Barney is sadly no longer able to run our popular Football Club on Wednesdays after school. This is unfortunate timing as our team is just getting ready to play in the league. If anyone is willing and able to step in please contact the office ASAP to talk it through. Thank you!

Knitting Club starts again! The lovely Susan Wadbrook is back leading our little knitting club in the Quiet Room on Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm (£6.50 per session, ages 7 up). The latest project, I believe, is knitting Minion slippers ready for Christmas! Other projects are entirely possible for complete beginners or more experienced knitters. Contact Susan on 01323 811942 or pop into the office to express interest.

Guitar? Jaime Regan, our very talented guitar teacher, has a couple of slots for new guitar students on Wednesday and Friday during school time. Classes cost £15, payable half-termly in advance, and are open to children aged 7 up. For details email Jaime on jaimearegan@gmail.com

Later Years: Gosh, what a lot to talk about in Later Years this week. We kicked off the week in true 1940s style for our trip to Newhaven Fort to investigate what life was like during both the first and second World Wars. We used all our senses to explore the many exhibitions from a Blitz experience simulation, a hands on exhibition of military artefacts as well as interactive displays of life in the trenches, command posts and life saving techniques during conflict. After our visit to Newhaven, we have begun to imagine what life would be like living through war or conflict by writing diaries. We have chosen to be different people living in History and describing our factual and imagined experiences of what life was like for our characters whether this be as an evacuee during WW2, as a soldier in the trenches in WW1 or as a slave during the American civil war, for example. We look forward to expanding our diaries as we learn more about our chosen areas of interest and put ourselves in the shoes of those who experienced life during conflict.

We had two further visits connected to our project with Leora (Lumin) who showed us how a 3D printer works with the software ‘Sketchup’, where the children can design their own replica historical weapons and see their designs literally appear before their eyes in three dimensions! Then we had Hend (Alissandra) visit us to explore how we could transform our 1D designs of historical weapons into wood using carpentry skills. Both of our generous volunteers will be working with us through the term to help us build models of our chosen weapons.

Thursday saw a culinary delight from the Y6s whose homework was to produce something edible connected to their chosen theme. We tasted delicious butternut squash soup (Kaziah), Olympic rings fairy cakes (Sophia), spicy crackers that astronauts could eat (Benjy), home-made ‘healthy’ chocolate (Alissandra), uneven gymnastic bars made from biscuits (Kitty), a tantalizing chocolate crispies robot (Loui), strawberry jelly with strawberry laces to represent a human brain (Summer), a cake in the shape of a piano (Max), and a futuristic car made from marzipan (Jude)! We look forward to presentations from Charlie, Mayan and Cassia next week. (Y6 homework for next week is to design (not carry out), a scientific experiment linked to each child’s chosen theme). Anne-Marie, Alison and Louise

Middle Years: This week we went to Newhaven Fort and took part in an air raid role-play in a public shelter for around 25 people. It was really realistic and really made us think! It was very cramped and cold and the sound effects of bombs dropping were very loud! A voiceover explained that we could be there all night or in some cases, several days at a time. The voice explained that there would be a bucket for a toilet (if someone remembered to bring it), benches to sit on and if you were lucky, a small stove to boil hot water. An air raid warden would round everyone up and check to see if their area was clear of people, helping mothers and children and the elderly and sick (often risking their lives to do so). The experience really helped us to imagine what life was like during WW2. As part of an acknowledgement of Remembrance Day next Friday 11th November, we would like to organise a ‘Peace Tree’ and plan to have baskets of coloured ribbon available for everyone to tie onto a tree in the playground as symbol of peace and community, and would also like to make a book of wishes for the world. Please support us with this. Finally, please practice your 4x table at home over the next week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5ZM3YItes4. Wishing you all a great weekend, Clare, Heather & Lauren

Reception & Early Years: This week we have taken a break from our Egyptian project preferring to focus on the more topical theme of Halloween. At the beginning of the week we listened to, and watched, Meg and Mog. This inspired us to write lists of ingredients needed to make potions and spells. Some of us wrote pages of incantations to cure all manner of ailments. Others focused more on bringing our spells to life by mixing ingredients together to make the potions. We explored what makes edible/inedible potions and created amazing expanding soap that looked like: a giant piece of popcorn? A rock? Brains? A big slab of pigeon poo!? Rising sourdough? A big white fish? or maybe, a cold surface?  Amanda set fire to dried Basillisk skin and dragon’s drool and the effect was epic!!…It looks like jelly fish tentacles growing out, it looks like the dragon drool has turned the skin a different color, it looks like it’s burnt Basillisk skin which has been up in space for a thousand years, it looks like millions of worms coming out of the ground and turning black by the fire. It’s been a very exciting week. Next Thursday we will be taking the bus to Brighton museum to look at their Egyptian gallery and to take part in a workshop. Amanda, Rachel & Willow

Nursery: Most of the seedlings that we sowed before the half term have started to grow, but we noticed they were all leaning over to one side. As the children copied their position Wilfie added, “Mummy would know why as mummy grows things”. What a great idea, showing both his engagement and his thinking to find a possible solution for the group. Rachel had noticed the children have been keen to build dens in the playground, so this idea was extended inside and the play parachute is now draped over the home corner creating a lovely enveloping feeling. With a little encouragement, all the reconstructed tales in the mixed up fairy tale book inspired the children to make up their own stories. As Clara drew the images she told her story: “This is the woman”, then pausing to add some more detail, “She’s on fire! This a dog and the dog woofs to get the fire fighter.” Then, “This is the hose with water to put it out!” Have a great weekend. Julie


Monday Netball Anna annacole.uk@gmail.com or Lucie lucie.ash@somnowell.com
Tues & Weds Art Club David Bradford 07855 038773 or davidbradford0@gmail.com
Wednesdays Football Sign up in office or text Barney Kaufmann on 07837 632070
Thursdays Knitting Call Susan Wadbrook on 01323 811942 or sign up in the office



Tues 8th Nov 3pm-5pm Football League (pick up 5pm from 3G pitch, Ham Lane)
Weds 9th Nov 10am-12pm Open Morning
Thurs 10th Nov 9am-3pm Early Years Trip to Brighton Museum (pick up LNS as usual)
Tues 15th Nov 9am-12pm PET Training with Lowri begins
Weds 16th Nov 9.15am Face painting workshop (contact Helen 07760 254856)
Thurs 17th Nov 6.30-9pm Full Governing Body Meeting
Fri 18th Nov 12.30-2.30pm Cross Country at Ringmer Primary (pick up from LNS as usual)
Tues 22nd Nov 3pm-5pm Football League (pick up 5pm from 3G pitch, Ham Lane)
Tues 29th Nov 3pm-5pm Football League (pick up 5pm from 3G pitch, Ham Lane)
Sat 3rd Dec 12-4pm Winter Fair!
Fri 16th Dec 3.15pm End of term


Monday Cheese & onion puff pie Oranges & seeds
Wednesday Red pasta vs green pasta – I think we know who will win! Fruit salad
Friday Noodle stir “fry-day” Apple crumble to make it rumble