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Friday 4th November


LNS Community 

The word “community” is derived from the Old French communité which is derived from the Latin communitas (cum, “with/together” + munus, “gift”), a broad term for fellowship or organized society. Wikipedia.

Since September you have all welcomed me into this unique community that is Lewes New School. People have been warm, kind, thoughtful, supportive, caring, communicative and helpful. I have been made to quickly feel at home. I was particularly struck by the way the ‘harvest celebration’ was organised, with the active involvement of adults as well as children. I would like to thank the team of people that transformed the hall, and the band of musicians (Sophia, Razia, Joanna and Anara). Special thanks to Razia for her well chosen words, and moment of communal quiet contemplation. It was a real treat to get together at the end of the first half-term, with everyone taking part and having fun.

On Monday evening another wonderful community event took place with pumpkins, scary stories, a spooky tunnel and much more! Everyone had made a huge effort to dress up and both children and adults were having great fun. Thanks to the parents who organised and ran this special treat for all the mini witches, ghosts, skeletons and black cats out that night.

It is these special events and activities that the children will hold in their memories for the rest of their lives. Those things that have touched them emotionally, unlocked their creativity and awakened their curiosity. These are not extras but are the life blood of the school.

Keep them coming!

Linda Morris (Head Teacher)

Later Years update

This week we have been continuing with our Science project with; a visit from Liz (Molly) to talk to us about the human skeleton and how it works including the names of different joints, mixing different chemicals and analysing their reactions to one another (with some ‘explosive’ results!), as well as learning about how thrust is created in order for rockets to work by designing some interesting balloon experiments and by lighting teabags!

In writing we have continued to write our own individual and collaborative projects as well as reviewing what we know about writing instructions. Some of our work includes; graphic novels (Tali), instructions for how to make your favourite sandwich, (Otis, Nessa, Holly and Carlota), a collection of  poetry (Kitty, Rose, Martha and Delia), some non-fiction work on the history of battles through time (Moses,) and a ‘Death Book’ describing the demise of different fictitious characters! (Alfie, Benji, Finn, Reuben).

In art we have been experimenting with applying paint in different ways and with different tools such as sponges, brushes, palette knives, flicking, splattering, and examining these results.

Early Years update

Nursery: Pumpkin fever has taken hold of the nursery this week after some of the group noticed the left over Halloween pumpkins in the playground.  We’ve been touching, smelling and tasting pumpkins.  Some of us have drawn or painted pictures and as a group we discussed what the pumpkins might be feeling from the expressions carved into them.

Lydia’s class:Lydia’s group have been taken by the story of Diwali, in particular the story of Rama and Sita. Lydiasuggested that we could make masks to help retell the story.  Daisy andEdentook this one step further suggesting that the group could put on a play.

This has led to a week of story-telling, prop making, invitation writing, music producing and so much more.




Could LNS become aFreeSchool?

All parents are invited along to a presentation followed by a Q&A session regarding the possibility of our school adopting Free School status. It will be held in the school hall at 9.30 – 11.30am on Tuesday 15th November.  A document drawn up by theFreeSchoolresearch team will be circulated in advance of this event.  If you cannot make this meeting, please let the office know and we will try and arrange an additional date.  Look forward to seeing you there.  It may be worth bearing in mind, the soonest LNS could become a Free School would be September 2013.

Linda (Head Teacher) Dahlan (Elias, Joshi, Chair of Governors)

Vision for LNS – update

Since the all school Vision meeting just before half term, the steering team have met up twice to pull together the contributions made at the meeting.  Next week, a draft Vision of LNS will be sent to all staff, parents and other stakeholders for their consideration.

Thank you for your patience!

LNS Winterfest Sat 3rd Dec 

The Winterfest meeting last Tuesday was attended by few (three including me) but we managed to achieve quite a bit…

Sephie Deacon has advertised our Winterfest in the Viva Lewes listings so hopefully this will attract punters far and wide!  Thank you Sephie.

We need people to volunteer to run stalls.  We especially need crafty stalls so please step forward if you have any ideas for this and would like to run one.

With the spirit of community ever present at our school I need everyone to be involved in the Winterfest, however much or little they can!  I especially would like to invite new parents to come along to the next meeting to gain understanding and insight as to how these events run.

The next meeting is Tuesday November 15th at 9ish in the Quiet Room. If you cannot attend please contact me for ways in which you can help:  vsmart04@googlemail.com.

Wunderbar! Ali (Rose Y6)

Start the Clutter-Clearing!

Calling all ladies (ie parents, staff, grannies, sisters, aunties)!

If you don’t love it, or haven’t worn it for a year, stick it in a bag and give someone else the pleasure!

We are organising another Clothes Swap to raise the price of a facilitator for the forthcoming Open Forum.  The Clothes Swap will happen on Sunday 13th November 3.30-6pm at Karen’s, 2 Riverdale,Church Lane,Lewes,BN7 2JL. It’s £1 donation for each item successfully re-housed (doesn’t have to be a swap as such). Please come along, bring your outcasts, have a cuppa, see if there’s anything takes your fancy……..!

See you there, Raphaella (Emil) and Karen (Alfie)