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Friday 8th July


I couldn’t resist an evening visit to camp this year. As I trudged along the muddy path towards sounds of the conch shell and smells of the campfire, I was reminded of the moment when I first walked down the same path three years ago. It was my first year at Lewes New School, and my first year of camp with a class of children who are now in their final year at the school.

I was privileged enough this year, to spend some quality time with the year 6 children. We took refuge from the rain in their shelter and talked at length into the night about their strongest memories of their first camp, our class as it was then and their thoughts for their future at secondary school.

What struck me the most that night was how much they had developed and grown into such sophisticated young people. Their enthusiasm for change and new opportunities, and their willingness to embrace the unknown was inspiring. I feel proud to have been their teacher and proud to have been involved in a school where autonomy and first hand experiences are given priority.

I’d like to thank the children, parents, Lizzie and staff members for all of your support. And last but not least, a special thank you goes to Amanda, who has truly helped me to understand what the most important qualities are for being an effective teacher (and coffee drinker)!

Good wishes to you all,



New Teachers
I am really pleased to be able to announce that Lydia Thompson will be joining us as a teacher from September replacing Jessie in Class 1.  Lydia has several years’ experience of working in Primary schools and is really thrilled to be joining our teaching team.  I am also delighted to announce that Faustina has been accepted on a new teacher training programme for graduates which enables her to train ‘on the job’.  Such programmes have only been available to date in state schools and this is the first of its kind for teachers wishing to train in independent schools.  What this means is that Faustina will move from the role of TA to teacher in our Later Years team and in so doing acquire her teaching qualification within the context of the LNS educational philosophy.  Your child will bring home today a letter announcing who their key teacher will be for next year.  Do of course come and see me or their current key teacher early next week if you wish to discuss this.


Head Teacher Appointment
Please find attached to the Friday Letter, a letter from Sharif Horthy (Chair of Trustees) regarding the appointment of the new head teacher.

Important Dates
Please come along and join in with our three very important events that all take place next week, our last week of the school year.

On Monday at 2.00pm we have ‘The Crossing’ which marks and celebrates the transition of our oldest Early Years children to the Later Years.  This will be followed by a tea to which everyone is of course very welcome.

On Wednesday at 1.45pm our ‘Leavers’ Assembly’ marks and celebrates the transition of our Year 6 children to secondary school.

On Friday we have our annual picnic in the park (or the hall if it’s pouring!) at 12 o’clock marking the beginning of our summer holiday.


Feedback from the last Governors Meeting – 5th July 2011 

Here’s a news update from the last governors meeting held on Tuesday.

We appointed Sarah Thomas (Luca, Isobel) as the new fundraising governor and leader of the fundraising team. Congratulations to Sarah on her new role. The governors are very excited by her experience and the energy she brings to this role.

Several sub-committees were formally created:

The Ethos Sub-committee headed by Karen Dobres (Alfie). Her team will continue their work on ‘unpacking’ the ethos so that it can be best communicated to the stakeholders, prospective families and a wider community.

The 5 Year Strategic Planning Sub-committee headed by myself and John Farrant (Jude). We will continue to create the process which enables LNS to form a 5 year strategic plan to reflect the views of the community. Please see the information regarding how to participate in the survey in this Friday Letter.

The Free School Research Sub-committee headed by Sarah Thomas (Luca, Isobel)  and Sophia Posnansky (Benjamin). This team will continue their investigation into the suitability of Free School status for the LNS.

We discussed the staffing for classes in September which Lizzie has written about here in this Friday Letter.

We debated and agreed on expanding the governing body to include another parent governor representing the early years, another teacher governor also representing the early years, as well as looking for two more governors from the community specializing in Human Resources, Law and establishing stronger ties to the wider community. So that a balance is maintained on the governing body between parents, teachers and people from outside the community, the 2nd parent governor process will take place once another community governor is chosen. We’ll keep you posted on the developments here.

Additionally, we agreed to have a school-wide meeting on the subject of spirituality at LNS in the Autumn term, created in response to the perceived interests and concerns of members in our community.

Finally, we discussed the Governors Annual Report. With the great deal of changes taking place and work that the governors have been busy doing recently, we have decided to postpone this report until the beginning of the new academic year. However, we intend to have a summary of the year sent to you all at the end of next week.

On behalf of the governing body, Dahlan (Joshi & Elias, Chair of Governors)


Date Item
MON 11th July The Crossing
WED 13th July Leavers’ Assembly
FRI 15th July Pic-Nic in the Park
School Clubs
Tuesdays Football Club 3.15 – 4.30pm (First session 11th Jan.)
Wednesdays Sports Club 3.15 – 4.30pm (First session 12th Jan.)

Yoga Club 3.15 – 4.15pm

Thursdays Guitar lessons – 12.30 & 1.05pm<


Date Dishes
Monday FRI 15th JulyLasagne, broccoli and carrots
Wednesday Sausages, potato wedges and beans