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We’re all learning.

Adults and children alike are encouraged to develop their own learning journey and to feel they belong in a warm and nurturing community. 

Children thrive when they have the security of loving, respectful relationships and when they see the adults they know well pursuing their own zest for learning and life.

Equality and diversity

As a community we cultivate compassion, understanding and respect for ourselves and others. We foster warm, welcoming relationships that acknowledge our shared humanity while appreciating the richness within our differences. We look for ways to celebrate other world-views and identities and understand each other better.

Our commitment to effective communication allows us to question and challenge discrimination and resolve conflict peacefully while avoiding judgement, labelling and blame.

Family partnerships

The school attracts families who believe that a new approach to education is possible. True partners in their child’s education, parents are invited to become deeply involved in school life.

Many of our families travel in from the surrounding area so our Quiet Room is always available for a drink and a chat. There is never a rush to leave the playground at the end of the day.

You can read a wonderful letter from some parents about their experience here.

Parent participation 

Opportunities for participation are many and varied. We know how busy parents can be but for anyone with time to invest the rewards of working in a creative and collaborative community are high.

  • In Class parents inspire projects and lead weekly Workshops. Whether it’s a passion for football, a fondness for embroidery or an understanding of sustainable technology, parents’ talents enhance the curriculum.
  • The Parent Team brings the magic into our school community through fairs, fundraisers and celebrations. 
  • Class Reps are on hand to welcome new families, support teachers and provide information and advice to parents.
  • Learning Mentors are trained parent volunteers who work alongside a child each week as a role model and friend. Find out more about Learning Mentors here.

Effective communication

We use Thomas Gordon’s method of communication as a common language throughout the school – to deepen relationships, resolve conflict and ensure each person’s needs are met. Teachers and parents are offered training and ongoing support in adopting the skills to communicate with integrity and respect.

Underlying this method is a deep commitment to the rights and capabilities of the child.

Find out more about communication training for parents here.

The local community

Fully embedded in our local community, we actively participate in local events from children’s parades and local festivals to inter-school sporting fixtures.

We seek out the very best of the people and places in our local community for visits into and out of the classroom to inspire a future generation of purposeful and responsible citizens.

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