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Rethinking learning


We cultivate curious, creative minds.

Inspired by cutting-edge research our approach is based on three assumptions. These simple observations have profound implications for the way we think about and support learning:

  • Learning is natural: We trust that children are capable learners. Our students learn through an active process of exploring their world together, exchanging ideas, and learning from and with each other. Teachers bring their experience and knowledge of the world, suggesting new possibilities and ensuring learning opportunities are rigorous and challenging.
  • Learning is social: Children learn in relationship with others. We actively foster a culture of collaboration and debate, developing skills for effective learning relationships.  Children learn the disciplines of working together and cooperation as well as independent enquiry and application.
  • Learning is creative: We allow learning to unfold, rather than restricting the process by having a pre-determined goal. Our timetable is flexible to allow engaged learners to finish a task before moving on. We recognise the value in periods of quiet contemplation as much as those of determination and persistence.

A human-centred curriculum

Children learn deeply when their own questioning and inquiry drives their learning.

Our curriculum supports and develops each child’s holistic wellbeing and their capacity to learn. It encompasses the art of communicating – through ‘a hundred languages’ –  their learning, knowledge and creative self-expression. It ensures children make connections between the things they learn – and between themselves and the world in which they live.

Curriculum Diagram

The world itself is interconnected so we favour an interdisciplinary approach. The timetable includes slots for discrete subjects – including communication and numeracy – but these are taught within the context of ongoing project work. Work is rigorous and challenging but relevant to the child.

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