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Reimagining school


The world is changing. It’s time for education to change too.

We’re reimagining the way that school looks and feels to meet the needs of a whole new generation. 

Learning through relationship

Relationships are fundamental to community and to learning. We’re a small, friendly school so we get to know everyone really well. Children, parents and staff work together in a spirit of friendship and community to build a school that respects childhood as a time to be playful and creative.

  • Small, mixed age classes: With no more than 24 children in each class, children build close relationships with their teachers and peers. True friendships develop between children of all ages.
  • Collaboration: Learning isn’t something that happens to individual children. It’s a social thing. We actively foster a culture of collaboration and debate – encouraging children to learn with and from each other. 
  • Effective communication: We equip children, staff and parents with the skills to communicate with integrity and respect. We model and teach an approach to communication which offers alternative strategies to coercive power – to deepen relationships, resolve conflict and ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Supporting wellbeing

We’re committed to helping children become good people as well as good learners.

  • Taking children seriously: We value individuality over conformity and listen to and respect each child’s point of view. We trust children to make good decisions about the things that matter to them.
  • Attending to the ‘whole’ child: We acknowledge the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of each child, as well as the academic. Children develop a strong sense of personal identity and high self-awareness and self-compassion.
  • Time to play:  Through play, children become joyful learners. They explore their identity, discover their world and learn the subtle art of friendship. Play is encouraged – be it free play in the nursery, role-play in early years or playful enquiry and investigation in the later years.

Fostering deep learning

Students actively construct and explore ideas rather than passively absorb information. With greater responsibility for their learning they become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers and engaged learners.

  • Co-creating the curriculum: Children work alongside teachers and peers to design the curriculum. Through an inquiry-led approach, children formulate questions, seek out answers and evaluate their learning. A flexible timetable enables children to experience the flow and satisfaction of getting stuck in.
  • Authentic, interdisciplinary approach: Practical, ‘real-world’ activities – in school and out in the world –  are relevant and meaningful to children’s lives. Organised around projects and problem-solving, the curriculum encourages children to explore relationships and make connections between the things they learn.
  • Developing skills for learning: Key skills for effective lifelong learning, including literacy and numeracy but also creative thinking, strategic awareness and resilience are highly valued. A personalised approach allows children to develop at their own pace and develop a love of learning.

Creating a dynamic learning community 

We work together to create a community that reflects the world we want to live in – where everyone feels they belong.   

  • Participation: Our community is our greatest resource. Parents and children are trusted and valued for the insights and passion they bring – enriching school life and influencing the development of the school. Staff are available for ongoing communication and the Head has an open door.  
  • Celebration: We learn together and play together. Regular fairs, celebrations and community events – within school and in our local community – enhance our commitment to each other and our school.
  • Contributing to a sustainable world: We always seek to minimise our environmental impact and make ethical decisions. Whenever possible children get out and connect with nature to develop their appreciation of the natural world. 
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