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Foundation stage



The earliest years of school – when a child takes their first steps from the security of the family into the outside world – are vital. Our Foundation Class, for children in nursery and reception, offers a warm, engaging and secure start to school life.

Even from this young age children are respected as powerful, capable beings and encouraged to be independent and self-resourcing. Free from external pressures and constraints, children grow in confidence and develop a love of school.

The rhythm of the day is loosely structured to include moments of coming together and periods of exploration and play. Projects may be fleeting and independent – or in-depth and collaborative. A trip to the local pond may spark a bug hunt, a chance to observe the changing seasons – or an investigation into the fire hydrants discovered en route.  

Nursery children attend up to five mornings per week initially, staying for longer days when they are ready. EYFS funding is available.

Reception children gradually settle into more focused activities in the afternoons. Book club, writing workshops and maths games are introduced, which will remain a part of life as the children progress through school.

Toddler group

The Toddler Group is a parent-run initiative which provides a relaxed and happy time for very young children to play and explore with their parents.

The group meets weekly in the Nursery and is open to all families with an interest in the school.

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