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Early Years


Early Years: Reception, Year 1 & 2

Play continues to be the work of children as they progress through Early Years. Children at this stage learn best through largely self-directed play and practical hands-on experience. They have plenty of time, space and access to resources to develop their thinking and to revisit and consolidate what they have learned.

Reception children gradually settle into more focused activities. Book club, writing workshops and maths games are introduced, which will remain a part of life as the children progress through school.

Children increase in their capacity to work collaboratively and discover how a small idea can grow and grow. Projects take on more complex forms as children make connections between the things they learn. A trip to the country inspires a collaborative painting of the incredible sky – sparking an interest in famous artists and an investigation into things that fly, the geometry of paper aeroplanes and patterns of flight. Opportunities  to explore emerging writing and maths skills intermingle with play and the creative arts.

Children learn to reflect on learning itself, developing more sophisticated vocabulary to reflect more deeply, individually and as a group – what was and wasn’t working today? What can we try tomorrow?

Learning is an adventure.

The Tale of the Winter Wolf

When a parent brought his mixing desk and microphones into class, children were inspired by the world of sound. Collaboratively, children wrote the script and designed the sound effects for an audio piece. Older children were recruited to read.

You can hear an excerpt here:

Colour swirls
dinosaur shadows
Joanna quote