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Later Years


Later Years: Years 5 & 6

This is an opportunity to extend and deepen the way children have worked throughout their time at the school.  We aim to empower the children to explore themselves, their interests and their goals, and to consolidate a variety of skills that they will need in their next steps – self-motivation, collaboration, leadership, time-management and a sense of themselves in the wider world.

Supported and self-guided learning work in unison, in a way that is both inspiring and challenging. Students take responsibility for their personal journey, supported and advised by a variety of teachers, parents and other adults/professionals with whom they may come into contact in school, at home and in the wider community.

Carlota’s Bee Film

During Year 6, children have the opportunity to work independently on a project of their own choosing, with support from the adults in their community. Carlota’s project culminated in this movie.

titania & bottom
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